December 5, 2016

CNN Shares a Touching Story of a Family Forced to Move Out of State to Save Their Daughter’s Life

Angel MedFlight is honored to be a part of the Abby’s journey.

The Angel MedFlight team helps patients and their families reach hospitals across the country for specialized care every day, but it is unusual for an entire family to permanently relocate as well.

CNN Senior Medical Correspondent, Elizabeth Cohen, recently featured the story of the Muszynski family’s move from Florida to Colorado to secure life-saving treatment for their five-year-old daughter Abby. Born with a rare genetic neurological disorder called Aicardi Syndrome, Abby has suffered from thousands of seizures.

Abby’s physicians have tried more than 15 medications; however, none have worked. Faced with life threatening seizures and repeated reductions of Abby’s state Medicaid benefits, the Muszynski family made the heart-wrenching decision to leave their home state and extended family to seek more comprehensive treatment for Abby.

Angel MedFlight’s critical care medical team transported Abby and her mother Kim to Colorado where the family believes Abby will receive the care she desperately needs.

To read more about this precious little girl and her family’s incredible struggle, please click here to link to CNN’s online video and article.


Source: CNN