December 5, 2016

CNN Shares a Touching Story of a Family Forced to Move Out of State to Save Their Daughter’s Life

Angel MedFlight is honored to be a part of the Abby’s journey.

The Angel MedFlight team helps patients and their families reach hospitals across the country for specialized care every day, but it is unusual for an entire family to permanently relocate as well.

CNN Senior Medical Correspondent, Elizabeth Cohen, recently featured the story of the Muszynski family’s move from Florida to Colorado to secure life-saving treatment for their five-year-old daughter Abby. Born with a rare genetic neurological disorder called Aicardi Syndrome, Abby has suffered from thousands of seizures.

Abby’s physicians have tried more than 15 medications; however, none have worked. Faced with life threatening seizures and repeated reductions of Abby’s state Medicaid benefits, the Muszynski family made the heart-wrenching decision to leave their home state and extended family to seek more comprehensive treatment for Abby.

Angel MedFlight’s critical care medical team transported Abby and her mother Kim to Colorado where the family believes Abby will receive the care she desperately needs.

To read more about this precious little girl and her family’s incredible struggle, please click here to link to CNN’s online video and article.


Source: CNN

November 16, 2016

2016 National Case Management Appreciation Week Get Away Giveaway Contest Results Revealed

In Celebration of National Case Management Week last month, Angel MedFlight sponsored its 2nd Annual Get Away Giveaway Contest. We thank all of the healthcare professionals who entered the contest throughout October and generously shared their insights on air medical transports. We value all of the opinions that we received and aim to incorporate the suggestions in our 2017 communication plans.

Our winners were randomly selected on Thursday, November 3 from more than 1,200 contest entrants. Each received an $800 airfare voucher on the airline of his and her choice.

Charles Hart – Case Management Appreciation First Contest Winner
Committed to Finding Solutions For Patients & Families

Charles Hart is dedicated healthcare professional accustomed to multitasking and problem solving, which is essential for his case management role in Anchorage, Alaska.

After retiring from the Air Force, Charles earned his nursing degree five years ago. Now he uses his ingenuity to help patients and their families navigate challenging healthcare situations.  In fact, one of his favorite responsibilities is coordinating long-range air medical transfers for his patients. Logistics coordination within a tight timeframe is his specialty.

Charles plans to use his $800 in airfare to take his wife somewhere warm and bright during the long Alaskan winter. Angel MedFlight thanks Charles for his dedication and we wish him a safe trip with plenty of sunny days!

Megan Mollere – Case Management Appreciation Second Contest Winner
Compassion and Determination Make a Positive Impact

Although she is relatively new to case management, social worker Megan Mollere already understands the importance of her role for her patients and their families. She is thankful that she can make such a positive impact and finds helping others very rewarding. Her compassion, enthusiasm, and upbeat personality are instrumental in her success. She treasures the relieved look on her patients’ faces when she solves their transitions of care concerns.

Megan’s positive influence is not limited to her patients. Hospital physicians, staff members, and patients’ families all know that Megan will greet them with a smile and a hug, determined to help any way she can. For her case management colleagues across the country, Megan encourages them to “continue the amazing work you do. Your work is incredibly beneficial to your patients…even if they never tell you.”

Megan hopes to use her $800 airfare voucher to take an international vacation with her husband in 2017. Angel MedFlight is grateful to work with caring professionals like Megan and we wish her a wonderful trip!



October 6, 2016

Angel MedFlight Receives an Emmy Nomination for “My Real Life Moment” Video Series

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (September 29, 2016) – Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance is proud to accept an Emmy nomination from the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for its “My Real Life Moment – Steven Hill” patient profile. The segment featuring Angel MedFlight patient and stroke survivor, Steven Hill, is one of three nominees in the Interview/Discussion/Feature/Segment category. The Emmy winner will be announced during the Rocky Mountain Emmy Awards on Saturday evening, October 8th at Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. Angel MedFlight’s Emmy nominated video can be viewed on its website at

“We’re grateful to the Emmy selection committee for their recognition of this compelling story,” said Barry Keyles, Angel MedFlight’s Chief Creative Officer and Vice President. “While the segment focuses on the catastrophic medical condition that Steven suffered while on vacation in a foreign country and his on-going rehabilitation, it is also an inspiring story about the love and support of his wife and his family. We’re thankful that Angel MedFlight was able to transport Steven and help the Hill family.”

“My Real Life Moment – Steven Hill”

Produced by the Angel MedFlight team, the segment was filmed over the course of five years, following Hill through his initial recovery and ongoing rehabilitation. Hill was just 33 years old when he suffered both an ischemic and a hemorrhagic stroke while on vacation with his wife Tanya in Jamaica in 2009. The next hours, days and weeks were harrowing as Hill received a medical flight to Florida for treatment, uncertain if he would survive. Hill required a craniectomy to remove part of his skull known as the bone flap to allow for the swelling of his brain. Stable, but still in serious condition, Angel MedFlight provided an air ambulance transfer to Boston for his extended care and rehabilitation

Hill still lives in the Boston area with Tanya and they expressed their appreciation to the Emmy selection committee with a joint statement, “We are honored along with Angel Med Flights to have created this documentary that shows Steven’s journey from tragedy to happy ending. Thank you to everyone involved with this project.”

Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing Honors Angel MedFlight With Award

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (September 21, 2016) – The Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN) selected Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance as the winner of the 2016 BCEN Honorary Certification Recognition Award – Small Health Care Facility. The honor was presented at a ceremony on September 16 as part of the Emergency Nursing 2016 Conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California.  The accolade celebrates the hard work and achievement of Angel MedFlight’s medical crew. All of Angel MedFlight’s nurses have earned their Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) credential, joining an elite group of air medical transport clinicians who hold the prestigious designation. Worldwide less than 3,400 nurses have earned the certification.

Administered by the BCEN, the CFRN is a specialty care certification that verifies medical expertise specific to flight nursing. The rigorous exam tests a nurse’s knowledge of body systems, disease specific care, and flight physiology. Nationally, only 59% of nurses who take the test earn their CFRN credential. Few fixed-wing air ambulance medical teams achieve 100 percent certification, making Angel MedFlight’s accomplishment an impressive distinction worthy of the BCEN’s recognition and award.

“We launched an initiative for our flight nurses to earn their CFRN credential when Angel MedFlight changed ownership in 2014. We are very proud to achieve this goal,” Jason Siegert, President and Chief Operating Officer of Angel MedFlight, said. “The CFRN credential tells healthcare professionals, patients, and their family members that they can depend on the proven clinical expertise of the Angel MedFlight medical team. This accomplishment demonstrates our ongoing commitment to exceed air medical transport standards and lead the air ambulance industry.”

About the CFRN and the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing

The Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) credential is administered by the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN) and measures the attainment of medical knowledge specific to flight nursing. The program is designed to elevate professional standards and enhance individual performance. BCEN certifications can be viewed as a guarantee of competency and commitment to continuing education and provides proof of dedication to the practice of emergency nursing care.

September 20, 2016

Angel MedFlight Achieves Elite Status With Specialty Care Certifications for Air Medical Transport

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (September 19, 2016) – Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance continues to lead the air medical transport industry by elevating the quality of care with its elite medical crew. Angel MedFlight’s team of flight nurses and paramedics have earned specialty care credentials for medical flights, exceeding required certification standards. The Certified Flight Registered Nurse (CFRN) and the Flight Paramedic – Certified (FP-C) designations assure health care professionals, patients and patients’ families that Angel MedFlight’s medical crew has proven their clinical expertise inclusive of all body systems, disease specific care, and flight physiology.

Few fixed-wing air ambulance programs reach this level of achievement due to the rigorous certification tests, which require extensive medical knowledge as well as transport specific care protocol. Worldwide, less than 3,400 flight nurses have earned the prestigious CFRN credential and approximately 5,300 flight paramedics hold the FP-C designation. Nationally, the pass rate for the CFRN is 59 percent and the FP-C averages at 57.5 percent. Angel MedFlight’s 100 percent certified medical crew reflects the company’s culture of continuous improvement initiated by the new executive leadership when Angel MedFlight changed ownership in 2014.

“From the moment we acquired Angel MedFlight, we have focused on improved patient safety and quality. Building a team of exceptional clinicians has always been a top priority,” Jason Siegert, President and Chief Operating Officer of Angel MedFlight, said. “The CFRN and FP-C certifications symbolize our medical team’s commitment to excellence in flight medicine, and we are very proud of their success. Their skill and professionalism ensure our patients are safely transferred hundreds or thousands of miles.”

About the CFRN and FP-C Credentials

Administered by the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN), the CFRN certification measures the attainment of medical knowledge specific to flight nursing. The program is designed to elevate professional standards and enhance individual performance. BCEN certifications can be viewed as a guarantee of competency and commitment to continuing education and provides proof of dedication to the practice of emergency nursing care.

Founded in 2000, the Board For Critical Care Transport Paramedic Certification (BCCTPC) administers the FP-C designation for flight paramedics. The certification process is focused on the knowledge and skill level of accomplished, experienced paramedics currently associated with Flight and Critical Care Transport Teams.

About Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance provides domestic and international air medical transportation services on a fleet of medically-configured Learjet aircraft. Built on a One Touch Promise®, Angel MedFlight’s compassionate team of medical, aviation, and insurance professionals simplify the coordination of air ambulance transfers for patients, their families and the healthcare professionals who care for them.

Available around the clock, the Angel MedFlight team coordinates every detail of Bedside-to-Bedside® patient transfers to ensure seamless service on the ground and in the air. Angel MedFlight is accredited for operational excellence in air medical transport by NAAMTA, an ISO 9001:2008 organization.


September 1, 2016

ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders and Angel MedFlight partner to provide specialized care for critical patients

Since 2007, Angel MedFlight has built a reputation for safe, seamless air medical transports, transferring patients to facilities around the world. We are especially proud to partner with Centers of Excellence as their preferred air ambulance provider, allowing patients access to life-changing specialty care.


ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health is the National Center of Excellence for patients at risk for the life-threatening medical complications resulting from severe anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Founded in 2008 by world-renown eating disorder expert Dr. Philip S. Mehler, ACUTE provides the medical expertise and psychological support to handle the most complex cases.

ACUTE’s medical stabilization program can offer life-saving treatment for patients who may have been previously unresponsive to medical care or have experienced complications of refeeding syndrome at a local facility. Healthcare professionals should consider a patient referral to ACUTE if he or she meets the following criteria:

  • Are at a critically low weight, typically less than 70 percent of their ideal body weight


  • Suffer from life-threatening medical complications including severe electrolyte imbalance, dehydration, edema (fluid overload), gastrointestinal complications, bradycardia, SMA syndrome, organ failure, previous bouts of refeeding syndrome, etc.
  • Need assistance to safely and comfortably “detox” from severe substance, alcohol, laxative or diuretic abuse
  • Are too critically ill or severely low weight to enter a traditional inpatient or residential eating disorder treatment program

Air Ambulance Transfers To ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders

Angel MedFlight transports medically fragile patients to ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders from every region in the United States. Whether patients are hundreds or thousands of miles from ACUTE’s location in Denver, Colorado, Angel MedFlight provides safe air medical transfers, allowing patients to receive the specialized care they desperately need.  If a patient is in need of a medical flight to ACUTE, please consider the following:

  • Angel MedFlight is the Preferred Air Ambulance Provider for ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health
  • The medical teams at Angel MedFlight and ACUTE adhere to the same specialized patient care guidelines to ensure patient safety and continuity of care throughout the transport and hospitalization
  • The Angel MedFlight team verifies insurance benefits and submits preauthorization requests to expedite medical flights

Please click here to download informational material on ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders and learn how Angel MedFlight can help patients reach this Center of Excellence.

For more information about ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders, please click:  Acute Website

August 19, 2016

Angel MedFlight Saves You Valuable Time With 4 Key Tips

Typically patients and their families rely on hospital case managers and social workers to guide them through transitions of care. While some transitions are as simple a hospital discharge to the patient’s home, others are more complex. Some patients need cross-country air medical transfers to Centers of Excellence for specialized care. Ill or injured international travelers may require an air ambulance to return to their home country for treatment.

The more critical the situation, the more precious time becomes. Angel MedFlight is committed to expediting safe air medical transports and offers helpful strategies for healthcare professionals as well as patients’ families to save valuable time.






Matthew Butler, Chief Flight Coordinator 


Our Chief Flight Coordinator, Matt Butler, joined Angel MedFlight in 2010 as a Flight Paramedic before he transitioned to our Flight Coordination team in 2014.

Matt has personal experience with every aspect of an air ambulance transfer and he is pleased to share 4 tips to streamline air medical transport process.


  1. Choose an accredited air ambulance provider 

A third party accreditation, such as NAAMTA, CAMTS or Eurami ensures that the organization adheres to the industry’s highest care and operational standards so you don’t have to spend time researching every provider.

Read more about Angel MedFlight’s NAAMTA certification by clicking here or the link below

  1. Have the patient’s destination, insurance information, and medical records available

The more details you can provide upfront, the quicker the Angel MedFlight team can prepare a quote, explore air ambulance insurance benefits, and evaluate the patient’s medical needs for the flight.

  1. Allow the air ambulance provider to handle insurance preauthorization submissions

Securing insurance approvals for medical flights can be time consuming and complicated. Angel MedFlight has a team of specialists dedicated to submitting insurance preauthorization requests. Let them put their expertise to work for you.

  1. Designate your points of contact

Our Flight Coordinators manage all of the air and ground logistics, as well as the communication with patients, family members, insurance company representatives, and healthcare professionals at the sending and receiving facilities. Let us know who you would like to receive status updates or itineraries and we will handle the rest.


The Angel MedFlight team is here for you every day, around the clock at 877.264.3570 or online at Please call us if you have any questions or need assistance with a patient transfer.

June 28, 2016

2016 2nd Quarter Angel Award Recipient

Patrick Powers, Critical Care Flight Nurse, is the 2nd Quarter Angel Award Recipient


Patrick-PowersAttendance and Punctuality, Commitment to Quality, Compassion

for the Patients & Families, Customer Service, Dependability,

Exceeds Expectations, Goal Setting & Achievement, Innovative Ideas,

Inspirational, Internal/External Relationships, Job Performance,

Positive Attitude, Problem Solver, Role Model/ Mentor Behavior,

Safety Advocate, Takes the Initiative, Team Player


“Patrick has become an integral part of the clinical team through his ongoing participation in the Clinical Leadership Committee and with his role in managing the NREMT database. He is easy going in the field and offers constructive feedback when warranted. He is an invaluable member of the clinical department and we are lucky to have him!”

“Though only here for a very short time, Patrick has embodied everything that Angel MedFlight desires in an employee. He has quickly adapted to the role, and is the first one to say yes we can when a flight requires changes or accommodations. He has worked above and beyond to ensure his patients and the passengers on his flight are provided the best opportunity for success. He demonstrates the compassionate nature not only for his patients and passengers but also for the pilots and office members he serves daily. He has been instrumental not only in the educational committee but also the leadership committee. As a new employee, he provides an outstanding example of an individual who is interested in growing and improving not only himself, but also his peers and the company at large. He is our go to team leader for problem flights.”

These are just some of the things that Patrick’s teammates are saying about him! Patrick is a dedicated team member and an integral part of this company. AMF is fortunate to have Patrick on the team.


Congratulations Patrick!

June 13, 2016

Inc. Magazine Columnist Marissa Levin Thanks Angel MedFlight

“@angel_medflight Thanks for taking such great care of my friend & his family.”

– Marissa Levin

Marissa Levin, founder and CEO of Successful Culture, recently mentioned her personal experience with Angel MedFlight in her column on Marissa’s friend became critically ill hundreds of miles from his home and his oncology physicians. Through a colleague, Marissa discovered Angel MedFlight, and our critical care medical team was selected to transport her friend.

We were pleased to assist Marissa’s friend and his family during a very difficult time, returning him to the care of his hometown physicians to receive treatment with the support of his family and friends. Everyday, we are fortunate to assist patients and their loved ones in their time of need.

We send our sincere condolences to Marissa and her friend’s family. It was an honor for us to be part of their journey.

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Angel MedFlight

An Excerpt from Marissa’s article

A very close personal friend recently passed away from Stage 4 Adrenal Cancer after being diagnosed only 3 1/2 months ago. He and his wife of 20 years are the parents of three children, ages 18, 16, and 14. My friend was to start chemotherapy in early May. Prior to his treatment, he desperately wanted to travel with his wife for one last getaway, to a location about 5 hours flight time from home.

Shortly after their arrival at the resort, he became gravely ill, and required hospitalization. While hospitalized, he deteriorated rapidly, to the point where doctors doubted his ability to travel back home. My close friend (his wife) kept me apprised, and said to me, “it’s highly unlikely we will be able to get him home.

I immediately reached out to my network. One of my professional friends, a fellow Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) member, is a pilot, and is quite active in the aviation community. I shared with him the urgency of transporting my friend home via an air ambulance. I took a chance that perhaps he knew someone who could make this happen.

He reached out to the owner of Angel MedFlight, a provider of Air Ambulance services. They provide air-based Intensive Care Units. This proved to be the only way to transport my friend home…


…It is indisputable that bringing my friend home to be among friends and family in the comfort of his own home, temporarily extended his life. Read the entire post on Inc. at


Angel MedFlight

Angel MedFlight is committed to simplifying the air ambulance process for our patients and their families, providing a safe, seamless transfer on the ground and in the air. Our experienced team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient care on every mission.


An amazing recommendation and testimonial –


May 27, 2016

Meet Angel MedFlight – Critical Care Flight Nurse Arend Folkens

Arend folkens in Angel MedFlight flight gear

Throughout his six years as a nurse, Arend Folkens has experienced plenty of important lessons and notable moments. In fact, Arend said one of his most rewarding moments as a critical care flight nurse with Angel MedFlight happened within the first six months of his position. The Angel MedFlight team arrived at 3am in Cancun, Mexico to transfer a patient with a broken hip. They flew all night, transporting the patient to Minnesota for surgery. It was a mission Arend said left him with great joy knowing he made a significant difference in the patient’s life.

Arend said his family’s history in medicine initially inspired him to become a flight nurse. His grandfather was both a pilot and a doctor, which encouraged Arend to combine the two paths in his own career.

Although Arend’s particular career path has sent him to the skies for now, one of his favorite things about the field is the flexibility of job opportunities nurses have.

Arend Folkens graduation picture“As a nurse, I can work in critical care, the emergency department, pediatrics,  the OR, and the list goes on,” he says. “Nursing is a highly diversified field of medicine and makes for a very interesting career.”

He encourages aspiring and current nurses in any field to keep an open mind and never stop learning.

“Healthcare is always changing with new meds, new procedures, and new diagnoses,” he says. “In order to be good at what you do and continue to be excited to show up to work, staying current is key.”

We are incredibly thankful to have Arend on the Angel MedFlight team. Every day, people like him work tirelessly to ensure seamless medical transport every step of the way.

May 10, 2016

Happy Nurse’s Week from Angel MedFlight!

In celebration of National Nurse’s Week, we are proud to feature two of the many nurses on the Angel MedFlight staff.


Richard Oeltjen, RN

national nurses week_richardRichard Oeltjen, recently celebrated his fifth anniversary as a RN Flight Coordinator at Angel MedFlight. However, those five years only cover a fraction of his lengthy career as a nurse. In 1984, Richard was inspired to pursue a nursing career when the Mayo Clinic launched its first medical helicopter in Minnesota. He was intrigued by the challenge of providing critical care in an aircraft. As a helicopter flight nurse, Richard handled countless emergency transports. His most rewarding moment was transferring a young man from a severe trauma situation and providing a blood transfusion during flight that eventually saved the patient’s life.

During his 28 years as a nurse, Richard has appreciated the wide variety of nursing career opportunities. He encourages new nurses to pursue their goals by taking advantage of the many options available to them.  We are thankful to have Richard on the Angel MedFlight team. Everyday he uses his experience to ensure seamless air medical transports for our patients. Happy Nurse’s Week Richard!


Jennifer Peterson, RN

jennifer peterson nurseAs a Flight Coordinator at Angel MedFlight, Jennifer Peterson uses her nursing skill to coordinate air medical transfers for patients throughout the world. With 16 years of experience as an RN, Jennifer is a valuable part of the Angel MedFlight team. She is passionate about the medical profession and she loves connecting with her patients and their families.

As a U.S. Air Force veteran, Jennifer has cared for patients in hospitals both in the U.S. and abroad. Her favorite assignment was working in the Labor and Delivery department and she found the experience incredibly rewarding. Her advice to new nurses as they begin their careers is: “Treat every patient as you would want your mother to be treated.”

We thank Jennifer for her service and her dedication to Angel MedFlight’s patients. Happy Nurse’s Week Jennifer!


Angel MedFlight Team

May 6, 2016

Happy Mother’s Day 2016 From Angel MedFlight

Angel MedFlight would like to honor mothers and care givers everywhere for their unconditional love and their steadfast commitment to their families. This Sunday marks Mother’s Day in the United States and many families will celebrate the special women in their lives. At Angel MedFlight, we are especially fortunate to have dedicated mothers on our team. Everyday they bring their compassion and multi-tasking talent to the office to ensure that our patients and their families receive exceptional care and service.


In appreciation of these hard-working ladies, we are sharing some of their favorite memories as well as some valuable motherly advice.


Billie-JoBillie-Jo Carpenter, Dispatcher

Billie-Jo celebrated her favorite Mother’s Day with both her mom and her daughter three years ago.  Her mother traveled from Colorado to spend the weekend in Arizona.  Together they enjoyed manicures and pedicures followed by a beautiful brunch. Later, the trio watched a series of “chick flicks” at home with a large bowl of popcorn and plenty of laughs.


Billie-Jo treasures her three-generation celebration and is grateful that they had the opportunity to be together on Mother’s Day.


Jennifer Peterson, RN Flight Coordinator

Jennifer & familyJennifer loves to travel with her three children. This year she will be celebrating Mother’s Day with her family on vacation in Venice, Italy. One of the most meaningful gifts Jennifer ever received from her kids is a poem written by her daughter while she was in high school. The thoughtful verses describe how much Jennifer means to her.


Parenting advice Jennifer lives by: Love, kiss, hug every day!


Kelly Medina, Assistant Flight Coordinator

Kelly and kidsKelly has received several arts and crafts gifts from her two young children, but her very favorite is a homemade photo project made of popsicle sticks glued together with her children’s picture attached to the top. On warm weekends, Kelly enjoys swimming in the pool with her kids.


Parenting advice Kelly lives by:
You will never have this day with your children again. Tomorrow they will be a little bit bigger than they are today. This day is a gift. Breathe and notice everything. Study their faces and their little feet. It will be over before you know it.


Kristy Becker, Flight Coordinator/Case Manager

Kristy and DaughtersFor Mother’s Day this year, Kristy’s two daughters have made surprise plans for her. Whatever they do, Kristy is sure to be pleased. She loves to spend time with her girls and she adores all of her daughters’ homemade gifts. As a family, they enjoy being around water and they go camping at the lake as often as possible.


Melanie and DaughterMelanie Gassert, Human Resources Generalist

Melanie is celebrating a very special Mother’s Day this year as she is expecting her second child in June. Until then, she is setting aside extra time for her favorite mother/daughter activities including going to the park to play on the swings. Although she’s still very young, Melanie’s daughter also enjoys art and crafts projects. Melanie’s favorite gift is a butterfly picture created for her by her daughter!


Nicole Wacura, Flight Coordinator/Case Manager

Nicole and Son at grand canyonNicole is very proud of her son who recently graduated from Michigan State University. Although Nicole will be working in the Angel MedFlight communication center on Mother’s Day this year, she is looking forward to celebrating with her son when he moves home to Arizona from Michigan later this month.


Every summer, they enjoy a relaxing fishing vacation in Northern Wisconsin. Nicole is also a big sports fan and her family loves to watch hockey, baseball and college football together!


Nicole’s parenting mantra: Keep your hands and feet to yourself


Sharon_croppedSharon Mico, Marketing Assistant

As the happy mother of the groom, Sharon recently had the pleasure of seeing her son get married and start a new chapter in his life. Undoubtedly, he will continue to recall some of the life lessons his mother shared with him growing up.


Sharon’s favorite saying
to her son when he was little:
We follow my rules in this house…..why….because you, my dear son, have a homeowner problem right now. You don’t own one!
It worked… and now he gets to make the rules in his own house for his kids!


Shelley and kidsShelley Schlossberg,
Director of Human Resources

As the mother of triplets, Shelley works overtime as a mom everyday. This year, she plans to celebrate Mother’s Day with a family breakfast followed by trip to the park. She loves every minute of being with her children and listening to them giggle, laugh, argue, and play.


Tammy Harrison, Lead Flight Coordinator

Tammy_w_kidsThis year Mother’s Day is especially dear to Tammy. Her youngest daughter will be graduating from high school in just a few weeks. For Tammy, the years seemed to pass in the blink of an eye, so she is happy to share a valuable piece of wisdom with new parents.


Tammy’s Advice: “Love ‘em, hug ‘em, hold ‘em, kiss ‘em every day when they are little because it is such a fleeting moment in the grand scale of life.”

April 19, 2016

ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders Selects Angel MedFlight As Its Preferred Air Ambulance Provider

ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders at Denver Health names Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance its preferred air medical transport provider. ACUTE is the only specialized medical stabilization program in the U.S. equipped to manage the life-threatening medical complications of severe eating disorders. Due to the fragile and severe nature of their illness, many patients require urgent hospital-to-hospital air ambulance transfers to receive the life-saving care that only ACUTE offers. Angel MedFlight provides the critical care capability to quickly and safely transport these high-risk patients using its fleet of medically configured jets. Angel MedFlight has partnered with ACUTE to establish specific care guidelines, ensuring continuity of care throughout the patient transfer and hospitalization.

“ACUTE is thrilled to partner with Angel Med Flight for the safe transportation of our patients,” said Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani, the medical director at ACUTE. “Through our collaboration on specialized training and transfer protocols, Angel MedFlight’s team is well equipped to handle the unique medical and emotional needs of our delicate patient population. Sometimes, life or death depends on how quickly patients can get to ACUTE, and we trust Angel MedFlight to transport them here safely.”


Founded in 2008 by Dr. Phillip Mehler, the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders is the first medical inpatient eating disorder treatment program in the nation. Located at Denver Health, ACUTE patients benefit from the resources of a major medical hospital while receiving care from a team of healthcare professionals who specialize in providing eating disorder treatment and conducting revolutionary research. ACUTE patients are typically below 70 percent of their ideal body weight and suffer from serious medical complications as a result of their eating disorder. ACUTE’s evidence-based program provides patients customized care through highly individualized treatment plans.

“We are honored to partner with ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders to help patients receive specialized care at an outstanding facility unlike any other in the country,” Jason Siegert, President and Chief Operating Officer for Angel MedFlight said. “With our combined expertise, Angel MedFlight and ACUTE can ensure that patients across the U.S. safely transfer to Denver for the life-saving treatment that they desperately need.”

ACUTE is led by the country’s first internal medicine physicians to earn the Certified Eating Disorder Specialist (CEDS) designation. This dedicated focus has led to positive patient outcomes and short inpatient stays, with the average length of hospitalization between 14 and 21 days.


About ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders

ACUTE-Logo-webPhilip S. Mehler, MD, FACP, FAED, CEDS, founded the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders in 2008 as the first and only medical stabilization program in the country for patients with severe eating disorders. Located in a dedicated medical unit at Denver Health, ACUTE has unique access to the benefits of a major medical institution, including on-site sub-specialty referrals, intensive care unit services, surgical teams and more.

Inside the ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders, the world’s leading experts provide life-saving medical stabilization for patients suffering from severe eating disorders and the resultant medical complications.

To learn more about ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders, go to ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders or visit ACUTE on Facebook.

For more information on ACUTE Center for Eating Disorders, contact

Rachael Harriman
ACUTE Program Manager
777 Bannock St, MC 8105
Denver, CO 80204
(303) 602-5550

For Hospital Admissions and Medical Evaluations, call 877.228.8348 or email at


About Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance provides domestic and international air medical transportation services using a fleet of medically configured jet aircraft. Committed to a One Touch Promise®, Angel MedFlight’s compassionate team of medical, aviation, and insurance professionals simplify the coordination of air ambulance transfers for patients, their families and the healthcare professionals who care for them.

Available around the clock, the Angel MedFlight team coordinates every detail of Bedside-to Bedside® air medical transports to ensure seamless service on the ground and in the air. Angel MedFlight’s operational excellence in patient care and safety is accredited by NAAMTA, an ISO 9001:2008 organization.

Follow Angel MedFlight on Facebook or on its blog at


Angel MedFlight
17851 N. 85th Street, Suite 350
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
(877) 264.3570


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April 4, 2016

AMF and the RIC Introduce the First Series of Educational Classes

Angel MedFlight and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Introduce the First in Series of Educational Classes for Healthcare Professionals.


“Rehabilitation Following Catastrophic Injuries: Where Do We Go From Here?”

Presented by Rebecca Brashler, LCSW

Director of Global Services at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago


American Case Management Association (ACMA) National Conference
April 5, 2016, Breakout Session 3F at the Tampa Convention Center, Florida

Most of us are familiar with car accidents, whether it’s a parking lot fender bender or a multi-car pileup.

Emergency responders arrive and the damaged vehicle is hauled away to an auto body shop where the dents are pounded out and the twisted metal is replaced. The chassis is sanded, painted and restored to its original condition. Good as new.

But few of us truly understand how humans recover from such an accident. Some small collisions can induce whiplash with long-lasting symptoms for the victim, while others miraculously walk away from horrific crashes. An accident survivor may appear physically unscathed yet have a severe traumatic brain injury.

Every injury is different and every recovery is unique. That’s why it is so crucial for patients to receive the best possible care as they heal. Rarely does a “one size fits all” treatment exist. The appropriate rehabilitation therapy can significantly improve a survivor’s quality of life. However, selecting a rehabilitation program is not as simple as choosing a collision repair center. That’s why patients and their families rely on healthcare professionals to assess their therapy needs and guide them to facilities with the staff expertise and resources to customized care for optimal outcomes.

Angel MedFlight and Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) have teamed up to provide healthcare professionals with valuable information on the rehabilitation process with their first class in an educational series collaboration. The session is titled, “Rehabilitation Following Catastrophic Injuries: Where Do We Go From Here?” and will be presented by Rebecca Brashler, LCSW. Ms. Brashler is the Director of Global Services at RIC, helping patients around the world reach the renown facility for treatment. The class will debut at the American Case Management Association National Conference (ACMA) on April 5, 2016, in Session 3F at the Tampa Convention Center in Florida.

The class will help healthcare professionals strengthen their skills in evaluating patients’ rehabilitation needs, assessing available treatment options, and supporting family involvement. Those in attendance will also learn about the coordination of critical care ground and air ambulance transfers for their patients as well as strategies to work with their patients’ health insurance to secure pre-authorized benefit approvals.

After May 1, 2016, the sessions will be available online through two case management organizations. Professionals can find the first class of the series at the Pre-Approved Continuing Education (PACE) directory on the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) website at Members of the American Case Management Association (ACMA) can also earn continuing education credit for taking the class online at the website

Rehabilitation from a catastrophic injury can be complex, understanding the process doesn’t have to be. Angel MedFlight and RIC are providing valuable insight to healthcare professionals so that they may guide their patients to appropriate rehabilitation programs because every patient deserves a chance to be good as new.

March 30, 2016

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Partners with Angel MedFlight to Educate Healthcare Professionals


Angel MedFlight is teaming up with the #1 ranked rehabilitation hospital in the country to offer healthcare professionals a greater understanding of their patients’ journey of recovery. Angel MedFlight and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, ranked the nation’s top rehabilitation facility by US News & World Report since 1991, are collaborating on an educational series to provide hospital case managers and social workers with the skills to successfully assess patient needs, evaluate therapy options and coordinate critical care ground and air ambulance patient transfers.

As the rehabilitation leader, RIC sets the standard of care in post-acute settings through its innovative applied research and discovery programs, making the RIC team uniquely qualified to prepare and guide this valuable curriculum. Angel MedFlight’s extensive experience in critical care patient transfers around the world provides insight on what it takes to successfully coordinate and complete long distance patients’ transitions from facility to facility or even from a facility to the patient’s home.

Combined, the two organizations open a wide range of viable options for patient rehabilitation, giving healthcare professionals greater flexibility and opportunities to customize care based on patients’ needs versus geographic location. In addition, the class curriculum will offer helpful strategies to work with patients’ health insurance plans to secure pre-authorized benefit approvals for rehabilitation care, including in-patient therapy, outpatient care and the associated air medical transport.

“We are proud to partner with RIC to promote a greater understanding of the rehabilitation process and awareness of specialized therapies,” said Jason Siegert, Angel MedFlight President and Chief Operating Officer. “We are committed to helping patients access the best rehabilitation treatment possible for optimal outcomes, regardless of distance.”

Pace-seal-FINALClasses will be available at select conferences and through in-hospital presentations. After May 1, 2016, the sessions will be available online through two case management organizations. Professionals can find the first class of the series at the Pre-Approved Continuing Education (PACE) directory on the Commission for Case Manager Certification (CCMC) website at Members of the American Case Management Association (ACMA) can also earn continuing education credit for taking the ACMAclass online at the website