September 4, 2015

International Tourist Destinations in Mexico

Guadalajara México Rotonda Hombres Jalicienses Ilustres noche

Guadalajara México Rotonda Hombres Jalicienses Ilustres noche

Scottsdale, AZ – September 4, 2015

Mexico is a country filled with endless history, loving inhabitants, and stunning natural scenery.  It is far, far more than the bustling, Americanized coastlines of Cabo and Cancun, and offers visitors from around the world a taste of a centuries-old culture that never ceases to amaze.

The city of Guadalajara is Mexico’s second biggest city, and offers the perfect first taste of Mexican culture for first-time visitors. Though several other cities throughout the state of Jalisco have retained their classic, un-industrialized essence, much of Guadalajara has been subject to a lot of urban change. However, this doesn’t make it any less wonderful.

A must-see sight is definitely the Cathedral, a landmark that towers over the city with its four adjacent plazas and rich religious history. If you find higher ground somewhere else in the city and look at the expansive skyline, you won’t be able to miss the cathedral’s twin pointed towers and central dome.

2562251187_8a5aa587b3_oMexico is generally beautiful and welcoming without ever losing its high energy and propensity for endless fun. Most tourists looking for a good time come to Guadalajara because it is the birthplace of tequila and the elegant, passionate music known as mariachi.

If you’re looking for an historic, colonial journey through the streets of Guadalajara, check out Tlaquepaque. Most people think it still reflects some of the authenticity of “old Mexico.” Though some say it has become more upscale over the years, many locals still visit the area to get a taste for a less industrialized city.

Those who love handmade gifts and unique shopping experiences will love the Tonala district, and those who appreciate street art and murals will love it even more.

If you want a new nightlife experience, consider visiting or even staying in the Zona Rosa district. It’s a beautiful area located by Chapultepec Avenue, and is home to buzzing nightlife and endless food stands. As with most major cities, the downtown area is also good for nightlife, but many travellers would recommend other areas.

For a traditional tourist experience, book a visit to the Jose Cuervo distillery, where you can get a taste of the world-famous tequila and see the beautiful architecture that contains it.

Tlaquepaque._Downtown_streetAnd of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Mexico without putting your diet on hold and sampling some of the most incredible food the country has to offer. Guadalajara, like most Mexican cities, is filled with street vendors that often have the most authentic, flavorful homemade cuisine. The restaurants are also amazing, but a true Mexican experience isn’t complete without sitting on the curb enjoying a fresh plate of tacos al carbon or a classic elote.

Angel MedFlight frequently flies in and out of Mexico, and while we may not have had the time to stop for street tacos or enjoy live mariachi music, we know first-hand how much the beautiful country has to offer. If you find yourself or a loved one in a medical emergency while meandering through Tonala or sampling goods at the tequila distillery, know that you can count on Angel MedFlight Worldwide to transport you home with the utmost care.

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