March 20, 2015

1.877.264.3570 Angel MedFlight Air Ambulance Patient Advocates Brochure

When someone you care about has a serious medical condition and needs an air medical transport, you should not have to track down insurance benefits or worry about securing pre-authorizations.
For many people, researching their insurance coverage can be time consuming and confusing. Medical insurance varies by provider and policy, with different levels of coverage, available benefits and plan definitions. At Angel MedFlight, our insurance specialists use their knowledge and experience to expertly navigate through the insurance approval process.
Unlike other air medical trans-port providers, Angel MedFlight has an in-house team committed to helping patients obtain their rightful insurance benefits. These dedicated professionals serve as patient advocates and vigorously appeal insurance benefit denials when necessary.
You can check out some additional details on our Angel MedFlight Tumblr Blog.

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