December 22, 2014

The Responsibilities of the Medical Staff On An Air Ambulance Flight

Air ambulance companies employ experienced medical staff to take care of the needs of ill and injured patients being transported on air medical transports

A patient should perform extensive research before choosing an  air ambulance company. Even though there are many air ambulance companies available, ,  the differences can be vast. For example, some air ambulance companies are actually brokers and not transport companies. Brokers find you an air ambulance service, but don’t own and operate their own aircraft. This is important, because brokers are not familiar with the aircraft they locate for you. Air ambulance companies are familiar with their aircraft and their maintenance and safety records. You need to be sure to qualify the company before using their services.

The medical staff onboard air ambulances have numerous responsibilities when caring for a patient. They are by the patient’s side during the entire flight, monitoring their vital signs, administering medications and providing overall comfort.

Medical flight crews participate in mandatory training classes  and continuing education. They stay abreast of the latest medical techniques and state of the art medical equipment. The best air ambulance companies will employ  Flight Nurses and Flight Paramedics. These professionals will see to all of the patient’s needs until they are flown to the  medical facility. The medical crew is responsible for checking the heart rate and all other vitals  of the patient until the destination is reached safely. They will provide oxygen and other emergency treatments to these patients when the need arises. The medical staff onboard an air ambulance are well trained and skilled in providing these services to the patient. The medical staff should possess the necessary qualifications and training required to conduct these functions onboard medical flights. The air ambulance company should possess the current state licenses for operating an air ambulance service.