January 1, 2014

What To Expect Out Of Professional Air Ambulance Services

You have choices when it comes to air medical transportation services. Since the needs of the patient who needs transport should always be the first consideration, you should be a picky customer. Consider some of the things that you should expect out of good air ambulance services, so you will be able to shop for the right company before you need to attend to an emergency. Good air ambulance companies can greatly reduce risks and improve the chances for a good patient experience.

Some of the things that you should consider include:

-- Jets
-- Flight Crew
-- Medical Crew
-- Ground Crew
-- Medical Equipment
-- Office Staff

This might seem like a lot of things to consider, and this might be particularly true if you really don't know anything about airplanes and medical air transport. However, you should also realize that the right air ambulance services do have to consider a lot of details. If they do things right, all you should have to do is schedule a flight.

The company should have high-quality jets on hand, and they should not rely upon rentals or leases. Owning their own planes means that the service is responsible for maintaining their own planes, and these planes should always be equipped with the right equipment for a safe and comfortable patient experience.

It also means that the flight and medical crew are both very familiar with the planes. An emergency medical flight is no time for the staff to worry about working with unfamiliar planes and medical equipment.

Flight Crew

Only experienced and trained pilots should lead the flight crew. These pilots should also be familiar with the plane they are using and the practice of making medical transport trips by air. They understand the routines practiced when landing near hospitals, and with sensitive patients on their flight. They should also know how to make quick decisions when circumstances change either because of weather conditions, the patient's health, or conditions on the ground.

Ground Crew

The mechanics and technicians on the ground should work for the same company. That way you can be assured that they all take pride in making sure that every plane is in tip-top shape one hundred percent of the time because they know that the safety of their fellow employees and the patients depend upon their work.

Medical Professionals

Paramedics and nurses who accompany the patient on the flight should be trained in their medical duties and in handling medical transport flights. Established companies usually can provide medical crew leaders who have done this job many times, and they are prepared to use the equipment and supplies that are already on the plane.

These medical professionals are also ready to work with other medical professionals on the ground. These might be coworkers or hospital staff on the ground. Communication equipment for speaking with the ground will already be installed on each flight for both the flight and medical crew. Nobody should ever be out of touch.

Medical Equipment

Since these planes are owned by the transport company, they already have a full set of medical equipment on board. This includes beds, electric and electronic equipment, and a full stock of supplies. For example, the patient might require cardiac life support or a respirator, and it should be on the plane.

The medical staff on these flights should be trained and certified in the use of this equipment. In fact, the care and staff that a patient can get on one of these flights is the same as one would expect to find in the intensive care unit of a modern hospital.

It might not seem as dramatic to talk about the ground crew as the people who actually travel in the air. But the trained business staff on the ground can solve a lot of problems by working with insurance companies and handling billing. Any time you call the company, you should be greeted by a friendly and helpful customer service staff member.

The Flights Can Take Patients Where You Need Them To Go

Of course, the company needs to have planes that can arrive at the pickup location on time and be able to transport patients where they need to go. That is why a company that already owns a fleet of jets will be superior to another option.

If you need to schedule a medical air ambulance service, don't ever settle for second best. Your goal should be to work with a company that puts patients first because that is also what you do! That is why it is very important to do your homework in advance, so you can be sure that you have the right air ambulance company when you need them.