October 31, 2013

My Real Life Moment™ Patient Stories Return Nov. 7

By Angel MedFlight Contributor 

They are heart-touching stories that we as an air ambulance company are honored to be able to pass along to you. Patients we have transported have allowed us to share their experiences through a series of videos entitled "My Real Life Moment™." Through this award-winning series, Angel MedFlight has been able to tell the story of a young cancer patient and how he was flown home through the help of an anonymous donor. We shared the moving story of a mother who had suffered through numerous miscarriages before being blessed with four surviving quintuplets. Viewers ride along as Angel MedFlight transports them home to be reunited with their father, a wounded combat veteran. We are proud to announce that after an Emmy award-winning first season, "My Real Life Moment™" is returning next month with all new episodes. 

The first season concluded with "My Real Life Moment™ - The Taylor Collins Project," the inspiring story of a Florida high school student and how her school's student government association came together to find her a medical flight to Miami for specialized medical treatment. In the end, Collins' schoolmates gather in a hushed classroom and when the teen-ager enters, the room explodes into a chorus of "Surprise!" Wearing a crown and toting a bouquet of roses, Taylor Collins is queen for a day as she gets the long-awaited air ambulance transport to Miami.

In October, the uplifting story of a group of schoolmates banding together to help someone in need earned Angel MedFlight an Emmy Award.  The video was awarded in the Rocky Mountain Southwest Chapter's Teen (13 and up) - Program Feature/Segment category.

"At its core, 'My Real Life Moment™' is a platform for patients to share their stories and lend their voices to others who experience similar trauma. Our primary focus is to enhance patient advocacy -- we created this with the families in mind, so the fact that this is being recognized regionally is a great honor," said Angel MedFlight Chief Creative Officer, Barry Keyles.

In the next season of "My Real Life Moment™," Angel MedFlight will introduce you to an endearing homeless man in San Francisco who is critically injured by a hit-and-run driver. After almost a year of rehabilitation, Rowe gets a medical flight home to Georgia after a community-wide fundraising effort. An effort that displayed love and devotion from family and friends.

Other videos coming later this month will feature a brave Army sergeant who survived multiple overseas deployments only to sustain a severe traumatic brain injury in an auto accident after returning home. You'll meet a young man who suffers a major stroke while on vacation in Jamaica and could not get home to Massachusetts until Angel MedFlight came forward to provide the air medical transportation. In another story, the parents of an infant born with a rare medical condition are shown with their adorable little son. The father says babies born with their son's condition have a lifespan of 18 months and with determination adds, "That just wasn't good enough for us." Later, the father says, "We going to be a family again. We haven't been a family in a while."

Angel MedFlight is honored the patients and families featured in "My Real Life Moment™" have allowed us to share their stories in order to help others who may be undergoing similar experiences in their lives.

Care, compassion and inspiring human will. The next season of Angel MedFlight's "My Real Life Moment™ debuts Nov. 7 on Facebook and YouTube. 

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