September 18, 2013

A Company Project Gets a Personal Touch

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Coming together as a team is something we do well at Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance. When something needs a little extra effort to be done quickly and efficiently, we get our team of employees together and take care of the task. That happened this weekend on a large mailing project.

A leader in worldwide air medical transports, Angel MedFlight has an important relationship with hospital case managers that we diligently maintain. One of the ways we stay connected with these case managers is through our mailings. This mailing was to touch base with case managers and directors of case management after meeting with them at national conferences  this summer. Cooper Bolton, Angel MedFlight's graphics designer, had a large role in "the mailer" as we call it and says  about 1800 mailing kits needed to be sent out.

That meant diligently assembling 1800 folders, filling them with Angel MedFlight literature, and then placing the assembled folders into addressed envelopes. It was important for us to send out folders that had literature placed neatly into the envelopes and to have those envelopes addressed by hand. Bolton says handwriting the address gave the mailer a more personal feel to it.

Last week, an office-wide email was sent out asking for volunteers to help this weekend with the mailer. Bolton says about 20 eager volunteers showed up to help. The crew worked from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday adding the contents to the folder. The folder included a letter from our CEO Jeremy Freer, five brochures, a punch-out Rolodex card, a case manager guide, note pad, business card, mouse pad and a poster.  The Angel MedFlight poster was the newest addition to the packet. This 20" x 28" glossy poster is meant to be hung in hospital case manager break rooms and reminds case managers to "Call Us First." What's especially personal about the poster is the original idea for it was posed to us by a director of case management during a regional conference we exhibited at recently.

Bolton says there was an assembly line set up in one of the larger rooms in the office and each person in the line added a piece of literature to the folder. The completed folder was then placed into an addressed envelope and into a bin. At the end of Saturday most of the mailers were completed. On Sunday, our crack staff finished up a few of the remaining packets and then reviewed the envelopes for quality assurance.

With so many employees coming in on the weekend to help, the mailing kit project was done in about 12 hours. Sure, the job could have been outsourced, but at Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance we strive to exceed expectations. By keeping the project in-house, case managers will notice the extra care that was taken to assemble and mail it. Doing things with extra care and personal touch comes easy to us at Angel MedFlight.

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