August 27, 2013

Director of Canine Ops Revamping Twitter Feed

By Angel MedFlight Contributor
Angel MedFlight recently sat down (on the floor) with the company's Director of Canine Operations, Sam the Golden Lab, for a question and answer session about his reemergence in the social media world.
Angel MedFlight: Sam, as Director of Canine Operations for Angel MedFlight, I want to thank you for opening up your busy schedule to give us a few minutes to talk to you about your big social media news.
Sam: Great to appear again in the blogosphere. I like the whole blog idea. Blog...rhymes with dog. But to get back on point, what I'm announcing today through your blog is after a long hiatus I will once again be active on Twitter. 
Angel MedFlight: That's awesome news Sam, tell us more.
Sam: As Director of Canine Operations I have a busy schedule visiting various departments and offering my input on certain topics. I've also been traveling a lot and haven't been able to devote enough time pawing at my mobile device and tweeting. Twitter is a great tool to pass along news about Angel MedFlight and of course me and what I'm up to. Twitter allows me to connect to humans in short bursts. You'd be surprised what this Golden Lab can say in 140 words or less.
Angel MedFlight: You're obviously very talented Sam and we're glad you're going to be tweeting again. Where can readers find you?
Sam: I'm at the same Twitter handle as before. Look for my tweets at @caninesam. I'm really excited, excuse the panting, but visitors to the feed will soon see a much fresher look including a new profile photo and background. Right now my canine corps and I are going over design options but we think you'll really enjoy the fresh new look.
Angel MedFlight: What does the Director of Canine Operations tweet about?
Sam: I'll give updates on what I'm working on around the office. One of the most important tasks for the Director of Canine Operations at Angel MedFlight is to make sure when there's food in the break room, that I get a taste. Birthday cakes are my specialty. I'll also give my dog's life perspective on the weather, current events and every once in a while, a thought-provoking quotation. I also want to say I'm a huge advocate for pet adoption, spaying and neutering so you'll see some tweets about those issues too.

Angel MedFlight: What about photos and videos?
Sam: (pause)
Angel MedFlight: Sam?
Sam: Oh sorry, a cat just ran past the window and I got distracted. You asked if I'll post photos and videos on the Twitter page? My goodness, does a dog scratch? My followers LOVE to see where I've been, how I run the Department of Canine Operations and more. The multimedia presentation of that really helps get the message across.  I don't mean to brag, but I have a few female friends  who can't get enough of my photos.
Angel MedFlight: Sam, I want to thank you again for the opportunity to hear more about your Twitter page, @caninesam.

Sam: Sure thing buddy. Hey, sorry but I gotta run. Someone just threw a tennis ball. 

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