August 1, 2013

Thankful They Chose Angel MedFlight

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Definitions for the word testimonial include: "Something given in appreciation of a person's service or achievement." At Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance we get many notes of thanks and appreciation of our service. It is those cards, letters and face-to-face meetings that mean so much to not only our employees but our prospective clients.

Sergeant First Class Benjamin Rye and wife Katie

Among the many patient transports we've completed over the past six years there are a few that stand out. Take for example the story of Sergeant First Class Benjamin Rye, an Army Ranger who served six tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, only to suffer severe traumatic brain injuries in an auto accident.

The 29-year-old Rye would need to learn to eat, speak and walk again. He needed specialized rehabilitation far from home and the only way he could make the cross country trips was on an air ambulance. Angel MedFlight was chosen to transport Rye and his wife Katie could not have been happier with the service our team provided. "I knew everything was being taken care of," Mrs. Rye said of the medical flight arrangements. "I felt very comfortable, and Ben felt very comfortable. It was awesome."

Through years of rehabilitation, Sgt. 1st Class Rye continues to make amazing progress. He walks with assistance, speaks and is re-learning daily activities. 

* * *

Betty Foreman was in a race against the clock. Fighting a losing battle against polycystic kidney disease, the 19-year-old  needed a kidney and liver transplant. With her health deteriorating , she moved to the top of the organ recipient list. When the call finally came that a new liver and kidney were available, Betty's mother reached out to Angel MedFlight, as a commercial flight would jeopardize Betty's weakened immune system.
Betty Foreman

Within hours of her mother Nancy's call to our flight coordination team, Betty and her parents took off from Dallas for the 1,377-mile flight to New York for the transplant at Mt. Sinai Hospital. But as Betty prepared for her surgery, there came devastating news  -- the donor liver was not viable and the operation had to be postponed until a new organ became available.

A  month later, Betty learned from Mt. Sinai that new organs were available and the donor liver and kidney were ideal for transplantation. Once again, Betty and her family put their trust in Angel MedFlight for the air ambulance transport.

"We tremendously appreciate the care and support the Angel MedFlight team provided Betty up to this point, " said Nancy.  "They kept Betty as comfortable and healthy as possible while she waited for transplant. We'd like to thank Angel MedFlight for their expertise and kind compassion."

These are just two of the many families that have put the care of their loved ones in the hands of the Angel MedFlight -- an innovative leader in the air ambulance industry.  

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