August 8, 2013

Angel MedFlight Answers: What Aircraft Do You Use?

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Angel MedFlight Learjet 60 Air Ambulance
When you choose Angel MedFlight as your air ambulance provider, you are not only putting your trust in our highly-trained medical flight crews and experienced pilots, but our ARGUS/Platinum-rated aircraft as well. In this edition of Angel MedFlight Answers, we address some of the questions you may have about the aircraft as you consider a medical flight.

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance utilizes a fleet of Learjets and soon, the Cessna Citation X for its medical flights. Angel MedFlight is a dba. of Aviation West Charters, which owns, operates and meticulously maintains this fleet of state-of-the-art medically dedicated jets. Two-pilot crews operate all our aircraft.

We have our own air charter certificate (Part 135) and that allows us to control the quality of the aircraft we operate. Our planes have advanced avionics and safety features that exceed FAA standards. On the flight deck,  captains and first officers undergo semi-annual and annual simulator training in make and model aircraft being flown. They each maintain 1st-class medical certificates and complete FAA checkrides.

As you consider an air medical transport with Angel MedFlight, you probably wonder which aircraft will be used for your flight.A number of factors go into deciding that including the patient's condition, the length of the flight and the number of passengers traveling with the patient. All of the aircraft are equipped with the same life-sustaining medical equipment and experienced medical flight crews.

How many family members can travel with the patient depends on the aircraft being used. The Angel MedFlight Learjet 35s and 60s can accommodate one to two passengers, while larger aircraft like the longer-range Citation X can seat as many as four family members. The Citation X is the newest member of the fleet and after receiving a number of upgrades and modifications, the airplane is now in Wichita, KS., where it's  getting a sparkling new paint job.

How much luggage can patients and passengers bring? Because of the amount of space being utilized by onboard medical equipment and personnel there is generally room for no more than two small carry-on type pieces of luggage. Because of  the space limitations, we will make arrangements to ship other luggage and non-essentials for the patient and the family members.

Adding to the patient and passenger comfort, catered meals are offered when there are no diet restrictions for flights 3.5 hours and longer. We will accommodate special diets and special requests. Also remember that the entire fleet of jets will soon be equipped with Wi-Fi  so you can catch up on emails and surf the net during the medical flight

An air medical transport with Angel MedFlight means you can always feel confident the jet carrying you or your loved one is customized with the patient's utmost safety, comfort and care in mind.

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