July 1, 2013

Working Together, Case Managers and Angel MedFlight

By Angel MedFlight Contributor 

Exhibiting last week at the 2013 Case Management Society of America's Annual Conference and Expo in New Orleans has only reinforced our great appreciation for case managers and the work they do.

When a patient is in need of health services, the case manager is there to coordinate those services and advocate for the patient.  They serve as a middle man between the patient and the provider.  Hospital care, X-rays, prescriptions and more, just think of all the paperwork and red tape that needs to be navigated through. Case managers meet the task head-on.
Case Managers visit the Angel MedFlight booth at the 2013 CMSA national conference

"Many times case managers are the bridge between Angel MedFlight and our patients. They act as advocates, similar to our team here at Angel MedFlight," says Jackie Martinez of the Angel MedFlight business development team.

The CMSA has an eloquent description of the Philosophy of Case Management on its website. It reads, "The underlying premise of case management is based in the fact that when an individual reaches the optimum level of wellness and functional capability, everyone benefits: the individuals being served, their support systems, the health care delivery systems and the various reimbursement sources."

The case manager streamlines the process of acquiring the necessary care for a patient. When that care involves a medical flight, our case managers contact Angel MedFlight's worldwide air ambulance service.  At Angel MedFlight, our fight coordinators, registered nurses and case managers are there to cut through the red tape as well. 
Angel MedFlight representatives at the 2013 CMSA National Conference

One call to Angel MedFlight's air ambulance service does it all. As part of the  One Touch Promise® our experienced team of experts in the fields of medicine, aviation, insurance law  and case management handle every detail. Like all case managers, Angel MedFlight believes in handling the details so  the patient doesn't have to. Case managers enjoy their association with us because we lessen their workload by making phone calls and submitting insurance documents.

On spending the past week at the CMSA's national conference, Martinez says there's nothing better than being able to connect with case managers face-to-face. "Being at the CMSA national conference was an extra opportunity for our team to have conversations with our case managers that utilize our services for their patients."  During those conversations we get important feedback.  "The first question we ask when they tell us they've used our air ambulance service is, 'How was your experience?' Hearing their responses helps us constantly continue to work efficiently and effectively."

Angel MedFlight has a deep appreciation for case managers and looks forward to meeting up with them throughout the year and at the 2014 national conference in Cleveland.

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