July 30, 2013

Wish Granted: Adriana's Quinceanera

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

We often take for granted our birthdays. For Adriana, reaching her 15th birthday was not a certainty. She has been battling cancer and to be able to celebrate her Quinceanera was her number-one wish.  This past weekend, Make-A-Wish Arizona granted that wish and Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance was there to help document this very special life event.
Adriana dances with her father at her Quinceanera

A Quinceanera in the Latin American culture is the celebration of a girl's 15th birthday. It is a grand occasion that marks the girl's transition from childhood to young womanhood. To put the majesty of this occasion on a scale, observers will tell you it is as big, if not bigger, than some wedding celebrations.

Make-A-Wish Arizona  made this Quinceanera happen for Adriana, facilitated by more than $11,000 in donations. Donations that included the venue, the  Villa Tuscana in Mesa, Ariz. Her ceremony  took place in a large hall adorned with purple and white decorations. Adriana's long purple gown was fit for a queen. Five girls and five boys made up her court of honor -- damas in gowns on one side and chamberlanes in white tuxedos on the other.

Those in attendance had the pleasure of witnessing Adriana's formal entry, a toast, a lovely first dance with her father. Then came the family dance in which Adriana waltzed with her immediate relatives. Guests were treated to a buffet dinner of traditional Mexican food. A DJ provided the music but a Mariachi band also performed.
What would a party like this be without ice cream? One of the more popular attractions of the evening was an ice cream bar donated by Blue Bunny Ice Cream. There was also a long line for the Personal Nail Bar hosted by HopScotch , a local company that makes non-toxic nail polish for cancer patients.

Adriana sits for the 'Changing of the Shoes' ceremony during her Quinceanera
Adriana and her court performed a beautifully choreographed dance routine in which Adriana "changed" into a butterfly. Her chamberlanes crowded around her and then a twirling Adriana emerged with wings on. There was also the changing of the shoes in which Adriana's parents took off her Converse sneakers and replaced them with high-heeled shoes.

One of the more moving parts of the night was ceremony of the last doll or "ceremonia de la ultima muneca." Here, Adriana passed down an approximately three-foot-tall doll dressed in a white gown to her younger sister. Several years before Adriana had the doll passed down to her by an older sister.

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance donated the time of its production team to videotape the occasion and the pageantry and happiness of this celebration made for wonderful video to remember the occasion.

While this was an occasion to celebrate Adriana's transition to womanhood, there was an underlying reason for the joy shared by Adriana and her family.  Adriana's cancer is in remission.

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