July 17, 2013

Improving Farmlands and Medical Flights; the Vision of Jeremy Freer

By Angel MedFlight Contributor
Success from hard work was instilled in him at a young age. He toiled on a dairy farm in Central Ohio and became the community's youngest volunteer firefighter. Years later after working as a flight paramedic, he'd see the deficiencies in the air ambulance industry.  Instead of settling for the status quo, he founded, at age 25, a leading worldwide air ambulance company. Now with July upon us, Angel MedFlight Founder and CEO Jeremy Freer is reminded of his Ohio roots as it's time to head back to the Buckeye State for the Knox County Fair.
The Knox County Fair runs July 21-27 in Mount Vernon, Ohio and is not far from the dairy farm Freer grew up on in Fredericktown. It's at the county fair that another of Freer's companies, Movers & Shuckers, exhibits its farming equipment and lets fairgoers know about the company's many services.
Angel MedFlight and Movers & Shuckers founder Jeremy Freer drives a combine
Freer wanted to give back to the Central Ohio community when he founded Movers & Shuckers in January 2012. The idea behind the company was first to bring jobs to the area. The region had been hit hard by the nation's economic woes as in  January 2010, Knox County's unemployment rate stood at 11.4%, well above the national average of 9.8%.
Freer created Movers & Shuckers to help area farmers with their growing operations and help landowners pay their taxes while maintaining their land. Today Movers & Shuckers is a full-service operation that provides custom farming, excavation, along with equipment rental and repair.
Freer's premise when he founded Movers & Shuckers was to build jobs and keep a strong economy in the local farming industry. He's kept that promise, graciously turning down another company's bid for collaboration or possible buyout last February. In doing so, Freer made it clear Movers & Shuckers has a very different approach to business.
If Freer sees a need for better service he acts. In the case of Angel MedFlight, he saw patients frustrated by insurance companies which left them stranded as they waited for medical flight benefits to be approved. He saw an inefficient system that needed fixing and seized upon the opportunity. Getting nowhere in seeking out venture capital and investors, he used about $1 million from credit cards to start Angel MedFlight.  Five years later Angel MedFlight is known not only for its unparalleled patient care. It's set apart by its team of healthcare, aviation and legal experts who are the backbone of the company's One Touch Promise, where one call assures every detail of a medical flight is handled.

Today, Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance and Movers & Shuckers are two very different companies thousands of miles apart. But they are very much alike in that they were formed by a visionary who didn't accept the status quo but improved upon it by raising the bar.

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