July 30, 2013

A Friday Sam Session

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

Sam the Golden Lab is Angel MedFlight's Director of Canine Operations. Recently he was kind enough to break away from his busy schedule at Angel MedFlight's pet-friendly office to join us for a little Q&A:

Sam, Angel MedFlight's Director of Canine Operations
Angel MedFlight: Sam, tell our readers about your role at Angel MedFlight.

Sam: First I want to say thanks for giving me this opportunity to tell your readers more about myself. Angel MedFlight is an awesome place to work in that both humans and dogs are allowed to work in the same environment. Instead of us pooches staying at home barking at mail carriers, or us chasing our tails waiting for our owners to arrive home, we've been invited to spend days with our owners at the office. As Director of Canine Operations, one of my chief duties is to make sure the other dogs in the office stay in line and keep out of mischief.

Angel MedFlight: I've noticed you and your pals seem to have a great effect on us humans.

Sam: Well thanks, we try. Any office has its share of stressful moments and we like to think we can put a smile on human employees' faces if we just simply run down the hall once a day or walk into an office to sniff things out. Let's face it, we dogs love the attention. It's hilarious to see some grown men start talking in "baby-talk" to us. One of our newest Canine Corps members here at Angel MedFlight is Buddy the English Bulldog. He's just a pup and you ought to here folks gush over him. But that's cool as I received the same treatment when I was just a little guy with over-sized paws and a tendency to drool.
Director of Canine Operations Sam celebrates a birthday at Angel MedFlight
I want to mention a couple other members of our Canine Corps that we have here on occasion at Angel MedFlight. We also have Katie the Great Dane and Baby the Mastiff working the hallways and poking into offices. They do a great job of keeping the morale high at Angel MedFlight. You've heard of Marshall University's Thundering Herd? Same thing when you have the three of us running down the hallway.

Angel MedFlight: What's your favorite time at Angel MedFlight?

Sam: Paws down, that has to be any office birthday party or catered lunch. I take it upon myself to be the official taster here at Angel MedFlight. I try to make a game of it, getting a piece of cake when the humans aren't looking.

Angel MedFlight: Tell us more about how pets can play an important role with patients.

Sam: I'm so glad you mentioned that. There's no doubt that having a pet along for a patient transport can only add to the patient's comfort. Let's face it, we have that effect on humans. I don't have to remind you that dogs are a man's best friend.
Sam jet 2
Sam, Angel MedFlight's Director of Canine Operations
Angel MedFlight: So pets are allowed on Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance flights?

Sam: They are but we need to know the size and weight of the animal before we determine whether the pet can accompany the patient. We would also ask that the pet be up to date on vaccinations and we need the pet confined to a pet carrier during the flight. And if there isn't enough space on the air ambulance aircraft, we'll gladly arrange for your pet to be transported commercially. At this time, Angel MedFlight cannot accommodate cats.

Angel MedFlight: Sam, we're so glad you could share with us your insights and we're  happy you and your Canine Corps can add cheer to the Dog Days of Summer.

Sam: Hey, watch that. No seriously, thanks for throwing me a bone.

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