June 21, 2013

Heading Toward Another Milestone

By Angel MedFlight Contributor

February 13, 2009 is a date that doesn't stand out for any particular reason to most people, but for Angel MedFlight's marketing team it was the birth of something big. On that winter day almost four and a-half years ago, the Angel MedFlight Facebook page was born. It began with baby steps, but now the child is all grown up and our Facebook page is quickly approaching 14,000 likes.  

Screenshot of the first Angel MedFlight Facebook post in February 2009.

Launched in May 2004, Facebook had around 200 million active users by the Spring of 2009. Today that number is estimated at over 1.1 billion. When Angel MedFlight launched its Facebook page the social media site's boom had just begun. As word spread about our air ambulance service and our patented One Touch Promise®, our Facebook community began to grow.

Looking back at our Facebook history is like opening up the trunk in the attic and waxing nostalgic. Our posts looked somewhat different back then as we learned what you liked to see most. In January of 2010 -- two big milestones -- our first post to get double-digit likes. The post heralded passing the 1,000 fans mark.

Screenshot of Angel MedFlight Facebook post after reaching 1,000 page likes

As the company grew so did the number of medical flights. And almost a year into having a Facebook presence we began to let our readers know on a regular basis where our patient transports had taken us. For instance, in January 2010 we told you about a transport from Houston to Aiken, South Carolina. Ten likes. A week later, a patient transport from Florida to Illinois -- 12 likes. February 17, 2010 we let you know  about a 3,630-mile transport from Hawaii to Wichita Falls, Texas -- 15 likes. The Facebook presence was picking up speed.
By the summer of 2010 there were more photos on the page. We learned our Facebook friends enjoyed seeing more of the worldwide locations we fly to along with our appearances at trade shows, national conferences and charity events.  June 8, 2010 we posted an album of "Photos from the Flight Crews" and we were thrilled to see that album receive 158 likes and 21 comments.  By the spring of 2011 the double-digit likes for individual posts were commonplace and our Facebook presence was established.

As the months passed, we added regular features, like employee profiles, trivia questions, links to our blogs and one of the fan favorites, aviation facts (a regular Friday post).

Today as we draw closer to 14,000 Facebook friends, we want to thank all of you for engaging us there. We hope that our Facebook page has helped you learn more about our company and our commitment to providing the best patient care in the air ambulance industry. Now, it's full-throttle to 15k.

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