January 24, 2013

More Than an Emergency Air Ambulance

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor
Scottsdale, AZ

The Angel MedFLight Learjet 60, more than an air ambulance

When one thinks of "air ambulance", a typical visualization is of a helicopter responding to an emergency situation. While that visual is accurate, the needs for air ambulance go far beyond an emergency response generated from a 911 call. Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance has services that meet the needs of other types of medically required transportation.

Our flight crew members can meet the needs of a patient, no matter the severity of injury or illness. Some patients require consistent medical attention, while some may not be in a critical health situation, but yet are unable to travel on a commercial aircraft. From emergencies to final wishes, our air ambulance crew is ready to make your travel a memorable experience.

Medical Emergencies

Angel MedFlight's air ambulances provide emergency transportation for critical care patients both nationally and internationally.

Repatriation Services

For those traveling out of the US, Angel MedFlight offers medical ambulatory recovery from anywhere in the world. Injury or illness can happen anywhere at any time. Once medically-fit for travel, our air ambulances can bring you home to your preferred physician or hospital for treatment.

Angel MedFlight is a partner of Travel Assurance Promise (TAP). TAP is intended for reserving medical transportation back to the destination of your choice in the event of a medical emergency. By taking becoming a member of TAP prior to your trip, coverage for repatriation or domestic recovery is guaranteed.

Final Wishes

If time is critical for reasons other than medical emergencies, Angel MedFlight is available for final destination travel as well. Our medical crew can ensure a comfortable flight, provide the proper medication to maintain stability in condition, and assist in the transfer to the destination of a patient's choosing.

Organ Transportation Services

If a donor is waiting and time is of the utmost importance, patients and Case Manager count on Angel MedFlight's Learjet 60's for immediate transport. Time plays a critical role in the possible degradation of removed organs. When long or short distance travel is required, hospitals count on our Learjet 60s - some of the fastest jets in the air ambulance industry.

Specialist Transfer

If a patient has a need for a specific specialist in the medical field such as a cardiac specialist, brain surgeon, or natal specialist, Angel MedFlight can be requested for medical transfer to the specific location and specialist anywhere in the world.

Personal Requisition

If insurance does not cover air ambulance travel, patients have requested our services for personal medical transport as well as to simply travel in comfort.

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