January 24, 2013

Air Ambulance Perspectives with Cooper Bolton

By: Angel MedFlight Contributor
Scottsdale, AZ

Cooper Bolton

In this edition of Air Ambulance Perspectives, we feature Cooper Bolton. Cooper is the Graphic Designer at Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance. He brings his creative talent into all aspects of Angel MedFlight's marketing materials including web graphics, print collateral, and large format print design.

AMF Contributor: What has been your most memorable experience at Angel MedFlight?

Cooper Bolton: I would have to say that my most memorable experience was setting up my office. Not only was it exciting to be in my own office, but fellow staff members of Angel MedFlight would come into the office and joke about the meticulous installation and structure of my whiteboard. Organization, attention to detail, and deadlines are important things in the world of graphic design. I apply these principles outside of the design world too. My lines were perfectly measured and straight. You couldn't ask for a cleaner, more efficient design for a whiteboard schedule template.

AMF Contributor: What do you like most about working at Angel MedFlight?

Cooper Bolton: Mainly the people. I get to work with some great individuals. I also love my job. I enjoy having the freedom to express my creativity in the design of each item. The executive staff is encouraging and welcomes new ideas and concepts for a variety of outgoing material.

AMF Contributor: Do you have any personal goals to reach while at Angel MedFlight?

Cooper Bolton: One of my early goals was to be more involved with trade shows and exhibits. I have recently met this goal by assisting with three so far! I was able to be involved with a children's carnival with Angel MedFlight, help with the display booth at an air show, and most recently, I was able to speak with the public about our Learjet 35 air ambulance at Barrett-Jackson.

A continuous goal of mine is to create new cutting-edge designs and graphics for current and future Angel MedFlight pieces.

Lastly, I would like to master the Wacom tablet.

AMF Contributor: Is there a particular air ambulance story that has impacted you, personally?

Cooper Bolton: Actually, there are two events. The first was the children’s carnival Angel MedFlight ran the first aid booth. Darren Thenell (Flight Paramedic) administered first aid and Cheri Lord (Legal Department) handed out treats to the children and their families. I did superhero and cartoon character sketches for the children.

The second event was when Angel MedFlight got involved with the Amazing Raise, a Ronald McDonald charity event, I was very excited to get involved. I was impressed to see how much Angel MedFlight cares about getting involved in the community.

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