June 27, 2009

Stroke Victim's Family Needs Help To Bring Loved One Home

BOSTON -- Steven Hill, 33, is a native of Lexington who his family said was the picture of health the day before he collapsed while on vacation in Jamaica.

"That morning Steven came out of the bathroom, and had said he had pain in his arm, and he had his first seizure," said his wife, Tanya Hill, in an interview on Skype.

She explained Steven was taken to a small local hospital.

"They released him, and when he stood up to be released is when he had a major seizure that went on for about 20 minutes, and that's when they believe that he actually suffered the stroke," said Hill.

"He's bleeding on one side of his brain, and then on the other side, on the right side of the frontal lobe he has a major clot, which is clotting the major vein that goes down and drains into your heart," said his younger sister, Kelly Chadwick.

Newscenter 5's Amalia Barreda reported Wednesday that travel insurance paid for Hill to be flown to a hospital in Aventura, Florida, where he has been in extremely critical condition. Because his insurance covers transportation to the nearest medical facility, Blue Cross Blue Shield will not pay the $15,000 cost of medflighting him home to Boston.

Steven's sister has already scheduled two fundraisers for her brother. The first one is on July 15 in Boston's financial district. The second one is the following night at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Lexington.

While his parents rushed to his bedside, Steven's sister set up a foundation and an online blog that details the need to raise money, because the air ambulance home will be the least of his medical expenses. With his speech and movements severely impaired, his sister said the family is prepared for a rehabilitation that likely will take years.

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