May 22, 2009

Another Testimonial of What We Do:

A recent patient of Angel Medflight’s was enjoying being a temporary resident in Florida; as many retirees’ do. However, when a stomach infection began and he had a mild heart attack, the patient’s desire was to be back in Connecticut with his primary doctor to receive surgery as well as be at home with his family. Angel Medflight understood that being home with his family was the most important factor for the patient. We made sure the transition home happened quickly and with a constant surveillance of his health. The family also desired an affordable transfer. Please read through the testimonial below as it reflects how Angel Medflight strives to accommodate the unique needs of each patient. As always, Angel Medflight looks forward to the opportunity to providing outstanding medical care and compassion to your family should such a challenging time arise. Please contact 877-264-3570 with any questions.

To Angel Medflight,
On behalf of my father and mother, who you guys flew this morning from Port Charlotte, Florida to New Haven, Connecticut, we would like to take a moment to thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for a great smooth safe ride that you provided for them, helpful and friendly staff on the plane, a waiting ambulance at their destination with friendly drivers, and for helping us all along the way with the administrative work with the hospitals. Because of you guys our dad is home where he wants to be and getting treated from the doctors that he wanted to see and hopefully will recover and be ok again. Your company was invaluable in getting him home and we really really cannot thank you enough. With all of our thanks, his son and daughter,*

M. B. and F.B.
Trumbull, Connecticut

*The identification of the family, medical staff, and pilots have been removed for confidentiality purposes.

**Angel Medflight is an authorized indirect Air Carrier (IAC) utilizing the services of licensed Part 135 air carriers to meet your air ambulance transportation need. Angel Medflight does not own, lease or operate aircraft, and has no affiliation with any direct air carrier. Angel Medflight contracts for the provision of air transportation services in its own name and coordinates the provision of medical services for your flight utilizing its own highly trained medical team.

May 21, 2009

Fun Facts From The Past Month

Just a few fun facts from the past month in the life of Angel Medflight: We have assisted patients in 17 different states of our beautiful country, one other amazing country, and have been to Florida 6 times!

Our medical crew has faced everything from cytopenias, allergies, sensitivities, PVL, mitochondrial diseases, brain damage, pneumonia, broken hip, cardiac bypass, Diabetes, a lobecotomy and many more.

Angel Medflight’s abilities do not have boundaries and we look forward to aiding you and your family during the need for transfer!

May 14, 2009

Recent testimonial and an example of what we do:

Each patient is unique which makes each patient complex. At Angel MedFlight, we adjust and accommodate the patient based on their distinctive needs. This formula guarantees first class service during the air and ground transportation of the patient. We strive to go above and beyond the patient and their family’s expectations of service and comfort.

In late April, Angel Medflight began working with a family whose mother was suffering from Mesothelioma, lung cancer, heart arrhythmia, and respiratory insufficiency. Angel MedFlight understood that the first and foremost important factor for the family was their mothers comfort during the transition. Second to comfort, the family needed affordable transfer. Angel Medflight was able to address both priorities and was successful in accommodating the patient by picking her up at her house and flying her to her destination to be with her loved ones. Please read through the testimonial below as it reflects the goal we strive to achieve with each patient:

Dear Angel MedFlight,
Thanks for your inquiry and for the incredible work that your team performs. Mom’s transfer went extraordinarily well; the Critical Care Medical Crew were true professionals and inspired confidence at every step of the way. The pilot and copilot were also superb, kind, professional and reassuring. I think the only time I had peaceful sleep in the past three weeks was during the flight, when I could see how very well she was cared for. You and your team very much exceeded my considerably high expectations. Angel MedFlight is/was one of the very few things that have gone well on the difficult journey that my mom and our family faces. From the bottom of our hearts, the family sincerely thanks you.

It is often said that folks recount unsatisfactory experiences to others at a much higher rate than they do the good experiences. Let me assure you that I will personally prove this axiom wrong. I have shared my experience with Angel MedFlight with dozens of my colleagues and will continue to get the word out. You and your team are exceptional just when exceptional is what is required. Thank you.*

Rochester, MI

Angel MedFlight looks forward to being able to give outstanding service to your family during their challenging time.

*The identification of the family, medical crew, and pilots have been removed for confidentiality purposes.

May 12, 2009


As part of our Mission Statement and Beliefs to treat every customer, employee, and patient with first class service; and promote health throughout the world; we began our twice a week training workout sessions this morning! Great teambuilding experiences! We can't wait to see what is to come!

May 7, 2009

Angel MedFlight's One Touch Promise

From first contact.. from bed to bed.. on the ground and in the air. Angel MedFlight's One Touch Promise assures you that everything is handled.

Our One Touch Promise means that you will only have to explain your situation one time, because the person who answers your first call to Angel MedFlight remains your shepherd throughout the entire experience.

No frustrations, nothing to impede the expeditious movement of our patient- your family member or friend.

The One Touch Promise is our promise to you, so that you are able to focus solely on your loved one.

May 5, 2009

Angel MedFlight successfully saved a 10-day old newborn! The child was suffering from Respiratory failure and coded twice during our flight to the Dominican Republic for pick up. Angel MedFlight involved the American Consulate to obtain an emergency visa and help gain passage from the Dominican Republic to the US. The child is now safe and healthy in the US!