April 30, 2009

Angel MedFlight transfers patient due to lack of Insurance Carrier's actions

Angel MedFlight is arranging for an air medical transfer out of Vietnam. This patient has experienced a series of horrific events while in this country. While in Vietnam this patient encountered an acute hemorrhagic stroke. After being admitted into the hospital, this patient’s condition continued to worsen without any form of supportive care. The family emailed the staff of Angel MedFlight photos which demonstrated the lack of care, compassion, and technology in this country. The patient was lying comatose next to four other patients, while being cared, and monitored by no advanced life support equipment or staff.

The staff of Angel MedFlight immediately got involved with helping the family obtain the medical care they deserve. Those highly trained personnel of Angel MedFlight contacted the patient’s insurance carrier to assist the patient with getting the appropriate financial assistance they deserve, under their insurance plan. The insurance company referred Angel MedFlight to another highly recognized international third party benefits claim administrator. This organization is commonly utilized by every major health company when the major health insurer has a sick member outside of the United States of America. It is most likely that this third party administrator is acting for your insurance company when you are abroad.

As Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Service operates on an international basis, they have encountered this international plan administrator five times in the last six months. On every encounter with Angel MedFlight, this international health benefits administrator has not acted in a manner that is consistent with those generally accepted standards of health care in the United States. Further, this international health plan administrator has not remained in compliance with those state and federal laws governing their operations. Nearly all five of these patients encountered have been transported without the authorization of this administrator. Every one of these patients made it back to the United States where they received the health care they deserve because of the caring, compassionate, and diligent staff at Angel MedFlight. If Angel MedFlight had not acted for the patient when the phone call was received, the patient’s outcome would have been deleterious, at best. When travelling outside of the United States, ensure you know your international claim for benefits administrator. This information is put forth in your major medical health insurance plan. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the staff at Angel MedFlight.

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April 18, 2009

Why is Angel MedFlight so much different?

What we do, so much differently:

By listening to the desires and needs of our case managers / social workers, family members, hospitals, and patients we have formulated an organization that performs services that far surpass any other air ambulance organization or medical transport provider. We have combined nearly all of those complicated procedures that you may have to handle when making the arrangements for any ground ambulance transport or air medical flight, into our standards of service. Our staff is professional experts in making all of those arrangements for you. Beginning with the flight and or ground coordination events, acquiring medical reports for the patient, through obtaining the insurance authorization, actually performing the medical transport, ensuring that your insurance company is performing their required responsibilities after the flight, and any such request you or your family may have, we will walk you through this demanding course of events.
8014 East McClain,
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