December 18, 2009


St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center to Accept Donated Medical Flight at 12/21 Phoenix Suns Game

PHOENIX, Ariz.—Dec. 17, 2009—This holiday season, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center will receive a gift that may save a child’s life. Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance will donate a medical flight to St. Joseph’s for a critically ill or injured pediatric patient whose family cannot afford to transport their child to the renowned Phoenix hospital. Patients frequently come from across the country for specialized care at St. Joseph’s.  READ MORE... 

December 11, 2009

Angel MedFlight Hits the Airwaves

(December 10, 2009) It was a cool and calm Thursday morning in downtown Phoenix, but things were already shaking inside the KMLE Country 108 radio studio.  Mike Ward, Angel MedFlight’s in-house counsel, waited and listened in the studio while Tim and Willy (of Tim & Willy in the Morning) finished talking with country singer Lee Ann Womack live on the telephone.   READ MORE... 

November 30, 2009

Patient's Wife Thanks Angel MedFlight for Response & Compassion

October 26, 2009
Dear Rene, Rose, Sue, Dave, Jonas, Tammy and your very special pilots,
It's been a month now since our rushed flight from St. Joseph Hospital in Bellingham, Washington to Loveland, Colorado.  I can't thank you enough for your response and compassion to our situation.
You were very aware of the urgency and our vital need to return to Colorado.  I do so appreciate your sensitivity to my frantic [ ] calls…  

November 10, 2009

Caring for Elderly Parents: Angel MedFlight Reunites a Family to Assist in Father’s Care

Parents are the loving hands that guide us through childhood and steer us into the adult world. When they can no longer care for themselves or cannot be adequately cared for at home, it becomes imperative for their adult children to select a long-term care facility close by to monitor their treatment and ensure their comfort.  Recently a Texas man, Bob Nichols*, was confronted with this situation. Read more and watch video... 

November 9, 2009

Chefs for a Night: Angel MedFlight Cooks Dinner for HomeBase Youth Services

As part of Angel MedFlight’s continuing effort to give back to the community, employees put on their aprons and cooked dinner for at-risk and homeless youth.

Each day there are thousands of homeless youth living on the streets of Arizona.  Most have fled mentally and physically abusive situations.  All lack life’s most basic needs of food, clothing and shelter and are forced to survive on the streets.

HomeBase Youth Services is an Arizona-based, non-profit organization founded to address the growing need of these youth, age 21 and younger.  Read more... 

November 4, 2009

Medical Bills Contribute to Growing Number of U.S. Bankruptcies

An estimated 1.5 million Americans will declare bankruptcy in 2009.  The main reason behind these bankruptcies is not lost jobs or loads of credit card debt.  The primary cause is medical bills and illness.

In 2007, illness or medical bills contributed to 62% of all bankruptcies, according to a study published in the August 2009 edition of The American Journal of Medicine.  That number is up nearly 50% from 2001.  Read more...

November 3, 2009

2009 Phoenix Walk to Cure Diabetes: Angel MedFlight Steps Up

They came. In colorful T-shirts and comfortable shoes, they came. An estimated 25,000 of them came to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) at the 10th annual Walk to Cure Diabetes. Volunteers from throughout Arizona laced up their sneakers and headed to Tempe Town Lake on Saturday, October 31stto “Say Boo to Diabetes.”  Read more...

October 28, 2009

The Health Insurance Law Most Lawyers Don’t Know

A father sits in my office. He is a large man. He earns a decent living for his family as an electrician. He doesn’t seem to be the kind of man who weeps openly but today the tears flow freely. This is our initial interview. He gathers himself and begins to tell me his problem. His daughter has a serious medical issue necessitating surgery and ongoing care. Her physicians agree that this course is medically necessary. Nevertheless, his health insurance has denied the claim.

His health insurance is through his employer. Blue Cross Blue Shield has refused to pay for the surgery stating that it is not covered under the policy. He tells me that the doctors will require $50,000 up front to perform the surgery and that the total expense will be substantially more than that. He tearfully explains that he does not have anything close to the up-front amount. If he sold everything he owns and borrowed from friends he might have half of it. Read more...

August 29, 2009

What made your experience with Angel Medflight different from other air ambulance companies?

I had very little experience with any other air ambulance companies. Or, better put: the two calls I did make, and the responses by those people, were rather brief; each called me back with the quote of an enormous sum of money, which put the whole idea out of the realm of possibility.

A little history: Ariel has Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts. I had stayed in the States to deal with things here, and I had daily contact with Blue Card, the international arm of Blue Cross (Mondial Assistance). (Ariel's mother and grandmother were in France, staying at a hotel near the hospital.)

After Ariel had been in the ICU for about ten days, and had been transferred to the orthopedic floor, Blue Card calls me and says:"She is ready to fly to Boston where she desperately needed the adequate care not available in France, on an air ambulance".

I was overjoyed.

For about ten seconds.

Blue Card continued, telling me that Ariel's policy "does not pay for repatriation."

They told me how much the flight would cost ($58,000 for a stretcher and medical person on a regular flight, more for an air ambulance.), and that the family would have to pay for it.

They added that we could appeal this, and indicated that they would start this appeal process.

The next two weeks were horrendous: first, Beaujon Hospital in France did NOT feel Ariel should be moved at the time that Blue Card had said she could.

I did not hear back from Blue Card about the appeal. And my calls to several air ambulance places only informed me about the huge expense.

Then it appeared that Ariel could be moved, on a stretcher, and I pressed Blue Card to find out the results of the appeal.

It was only after the Angel MedFlight crew told me to press Blue Card for a response (as they have a fiduciary legal obligation under ERISA – The federal law governing most health insurance plans) that BlueCross of Massachusetts provided a response that was completely erroneous and not in compliance with ERISA.

Now our family was starting to get frantic to get Ariel to Boston. She was cognitively disorganized (brain swelling from the accident) and was in a room in a hospital with everyone around her speaking French. She was miserable, didn't know where she was, and we had questions about the care she was getting, now that she was no longer in the ICU.

Around this time, a friend of the family mentioned Angel Medflight. While I didn't think calling would be any different than the other air ambulance places I had called, I did place the call.

A woman named Chandra answered, and when I told her briefly about my plight, she said "We are passionate about this". She took my number and said someone would call me back.

And call me back they did, two calls, one, and a message on my voice-mail from Jeremy Freer, who told me he was the CEO of Angel Medflight.

I talked to Jeremy, and it was not long before he said "We can get her."

Now, this felt hard to believe. I told Jeremy that Ariel's mother was on SSDI that the family would be financially depressed by paying for such services. Jeremy said both that he wanted to do this, but, also, that he was a businessman and he would rather ensure that the premiums we pay to our BlueCross Massachusetts plan serves to ensure we get the coverage we are entitled under the BlueCross BlueShield MA Plan.

I wasn't sure what to do. I called Blue Card again, this time telling them that if I did not hear back from them about the appeal that I was going to go with a private air ambulance (Angel MedFlight).

They then quickly warned me to be careful, that they had heard about customers getting 'fleeced", that I should see the expenses for the whole itinerary, ambulance from the hospital etc. BlueCross or Mondial slandered the air ambulance program, once again.

They told me they would get back to me the next day about the appeal.

The next day they told me Blue Cross still refused to pay.

At this point, I again talked to Jeremy, and he sounded pretty positive.

Two days later I received this written letter from Blue Cross spelling out the reasons for refusing to fly Ariel to Massachusetts. I faxed this to Chandra. When I again spoke to Jeremy, it seemed to me that he did not sound as positive as he had before.

I resigned myself to flying over to France and staying there with Ariel's grandmother until Ariel could fly Boston on a regular plane, knowing that that might be a long time.

The next day came a call I will not ever forget: It was Chandra. She asked me "Want some good news?" "Sure" I said.

"We're getting her".

I was floored, speechless. Then sobbing.

That was on Friday.

And 'get her' you did:

By Sunday night Angel Medflight wheeled Ariel into the ICU at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.

And she has made a miraculous recovery since then: surrounded by family and friends (speaking English) 24/7. It made all the difference.

So, in answer to your question: what was different was that Jeremy really wanted to get her to Boston where she desperately needed the adequate care not available in France. And Angel MedFlight made a calculated decision to represent my family in order to ensure that BlueCross BlueShield Massachusetts held to their fiduciary legal obligations under federal insurance laws.

But was also willing to take the chance, to help this young woman and her family.

I might not have gotten the chronology of the calls with Angel Medflight, and Jeremy's words, just right, but what I do so distinctly remember is how I felt I could trust what Chandra was saying, that you "were passionate about this"; and how profoundly grateful I was when I heard those words:"We're getting her."

So I guess I could say that what was different was that Angel Medflight REALLY CARED.

I mean REALLY cared.

This was clear from my first call.

And, believe me; it was actually quite hard to believe you were for real; that this wasn't a trick of some kind;

A company that does things because they sincerely want to help? What a concept.

In fact, it can sound so unbelievable, that I told you that I wanted speak with Stephan Hill's wife, Tanya Hill (view the story on ABC here) so I could tell her that Angel Medflight was for real. Another air ambulance trip Angel MedFlight performed that BlueCross BlueShield initially denied. Angel MedFlight overturned the denial after performing the air medical transportation mission and fighting for the patient’s rights.

So that's what it is: Angel MedFlight is for real.

And I guess that's what makes you different.

Real is good.

I think I answered question two as well. Let me also add: The night you flew Ariel to Boston, Jeremy kept me informed of the itinerary the entire time. His thoroughness, care and commitment were incredible.

And as far as question three: I must admit, I had so much trouble believing the first two messages I got, one from Jeremy, because it just sounded 'too good to be true'.

And it kept feeling that way until I was told that Angel Medflight had just wheeled Ariel out of her room at Beaujon Hospital. (I heard that, upon meeting your medics, Ariel said "Oh, you speak English. I'm so relieved.")

Sometimes too good to be true just turns out to be good, really good.

It has been a pleasure working with you, and I will be happy to tell one and all of my experience (as I constantly do).


Diane M. Greene, Ph.D.


August 28, 2009


(Scottsdale, AZ)-- Four hundred and nine days ago, Sally's health insurance company told her they would not cover her air ambulance flight to be evaluated for a liver transplant. Yesterday, after four appeals and countless hours of work by Angel MedFlight's patient advocates, that decision was reversed. The insurance company will now pay the full amount of the services provideed by Angel MedFlight.

In December of 2008, Sally, was suffereing from end-stage liver failure. Her doctors told her she needed to receive a liver transplant evaluation in order to get on the transplant list. Travel by ground ambulance or a commercial flight were not an option for Sally due to her condition. Nevertheless, her health insurer refused to approve the flight on the grounds that it was "not medically necessary." At that point, she was faced with two options: (1) giving up the chance of a transplant, or (2) taking the time to try and raise thousands of dollars for the flight. Sally may have had options, but did not have the time. That is when Angel MedFlight stepped in, reviewed her insurance policy, and conducted the flight.

"When health insurance companies deny authorization every air ambulance company runs for the hills," said Jeremy Freer, Angel MedFlight CEO. "If they cannot get paid in advance, either from insurance or from the patient's family, they will not conduct the flight. That's one of the big differences that set's apart Angel MedFlight. We will provide the care needed by the patient, when no one else will."

After conducting the flight, Angel MedFlight's legal team, led by attorney Kelly LoCascio, Esq., went to bat for Sally. The claim was governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 or ERISA, a federal law governing most health insurance policies that even most lawyers do not understand.

"Unfortunately, health insurance companies frequently deny coverage for health benefits when they should be paid," said LoCascio. "They deny claims knowing the patient will not understand the intricacies of ERISA law, are too involved with their health, or just get tired of the fight which forces the patient to miss crucial appeal deadlines, and do not have the resources to hire a lawyer. We take on the battle so our patients don't have to. In Sally's case, the system worked, Angel MedFlight performed the service, the insurer denied the benefits, and after much exhaustive efforts Angel MedFlight ensured that BlueCross BlueShield carried out their obligations.


About Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services:

Founded in 2006, Angel MedFlight is a full-service provider for medical ground and air transport. Part of Angel MedFlight's mission is to fulfill the urgent need for integrity and excellence in the air ambulance industry. Only the best aircraft, equipment and personnel are used. Angel MedFlight delivers on their promises, and goes to any lengths to make patient transport as smooth, comfortable, and worry-free as possible.

Contact Information:

Mark Yost
Business Development Manager
Phone: 877-264-3570
International Dialing: 480-634-8017
Facsimile: 888-883-9506

June 27, 2009

Stroke Victim's Family Needs Help To Bring Loved One Home

BOSTON -- Steven Hill, 33, is a native of Lexington who his family said was the picture of health the day before he collapsed while on vacation in Jamaica.

"That morning Steven came out of the bathroom, and had said he had pain in his arm, and he had his first seizure," said his wife, Tanya Hill, in an interview on Skype.

She explained Steven was taken to a small local hospital.

"They released him, and when he stood up to be released is when he had a major seizure that went on for about 20 minutes, and that's when they believe that he actually suffered the stroke," said Hill.

"He's bleeding on one side of his brain, and then on the other side, on the right side of the frontal lobe he has a major clot, which is clotting the major vein that goes down and drains into your heart," said his younger sister, Kelly Chadwick.

Newscenter 5's Amalia Barreda reported Wednesday that travel insurance paid for Hill to be flown to a hospital in Aventura, Florida, where he has been in extremely critical condition. Because his insurance covers transportation to the nearest medical facility, Blue Cross Blue Shield will not pay the $15,000 cost of medflighting him home to Boston.

Steven's sister has already scheduled two fundraisers for her brother. The first one is on July 15 in Boston's financial district. The second one is the following night at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Lexington.

While his parents rushed to his bedside, Steven's sister set up a foundation and an online blog that details the need to raise money, because the air ambulance home will be the least of his medical expenses. With his speech and movements severely impaired, his sister said the family is prepared for a rehabilitation that likely will take years.

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Electronic Mail:

June 12, 2009

Angel MedFlight Provides Air Medical Transportation for Accident Victim Needing Transport from France to U.S.

The air ambulance company steps in once again where the insurance carrier fails.

Scottsdale, AZ June 12, 2009 -- The air ambulance company, Angel MedFlight,, is happy to report a 20-year-old Ariel Gernes, who sustained several traumatic injuries from a multiple vehicle collision while she was visiting France, is now back in the United States receiving acute care. Angel MedFlight provided the air medical transportation after Gernes' insurance company refused to provide medical transport back to the United States.

Immediately after the accident, Gernes was taken to a level one trauma center in Clichy, France where she underwent multiple procedures including brain surgery, removal of her spleen, partial removal of her liver, chest tube placement, and many more lifesaving interventions.

As Gernes started the recovery process, her physicians discussed with the family how she would need to be transferred to a rehab facility for physical and neurological rehab, but she would not be eligible for admission into any other medical facility in France without the proper citizenship. Therefore, the family was informed there were no other options except an air ambulance flight back to the United States.

Despite having coverage for air medical transportation within her insurance policy, a directive from the attending trauma physician, and the pleading of the medical facility in France, the insurance carrier refused air medical transportation back to the United States. The denial stated, "The transport is for the convenience of the doctor, staff, or family and therefore is not medically necessary." Even after appealing the decision, the air medical transport was denied. The carrier went as far to tell the family that air medical services were exclusively for "repatriation" purposes. During the final telephone call, the insurance representative told the Gernes family they would have to pay for the air medical transport out of their own pocket and try to get reimbursed afterward.

Abandoned by their own insurance company, the Gernes family began a search for solutions. They found their answer with Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance. Angel MedFlight is pleased to report that Ariel has been transported back to Boston, Massachusetts and is receiving the acute care she desperately needs. On behalf of the family, Angel MedFlight advanced several hundred thousand dollars to perform the flight in an emergent fashion. At this time, because of the "poor faith" actions by the insurance carrier, Angel MedFlight will utilize its in-house attorneys on the patient's behalf, to recoup the insurance benefits that are declared within her plan.

About Angel MedFlight:
Angel MedFlight is corporately based in Scottsdale AZ. Through sole and exclusive aircraft vendor relationships, Angel MedFlight staffs each air ambulance with two critical care flight personnel at all times. The organization performs air medical transportation on a domestic and international basis. Angel MedFlight prides itself on executing its One Touch Promise: "From first contact...from bed to bed...on the ground and in the air, Angel MedFlight's One Touch Promise assures you that everything is handled." For more information, please visit

June 8, 2009

Neonate Transport a Success!

Some people believe in miracles and some only believe when a miracle happens to them. We like to say that we make miracles happen. In the beginning of the week, Angel Medflight received a flight request for a beautiful baby. The mother noticed that her child was very irritable and dark circles were forming around her eyes. The child’s mother became worried and took the child to the hospital to be examined. The doctors had come up with a very likely hypothesis: a possible neuroblastoma.

Neuroblastoma is a cancer that resides in young children, especially babies. It is a disease in which malignant (
cancer) cells form in the nerve tissue of the adrenal gland, neck, chest, or spinal cord. The mother called many companies requesting to have her daughter transported to a medical facility that offered specific, higher level of care for this condition. Every company that the mother called wanted a large sum of money up front … then she found Angel Medflight. Angel Medflight put two of its top nurses on a flight within two hours of her request. The baby is now in the hands of the most skilled doctors in the United States able to treat this condition. The mother could not thank Angel Medflight enough for what it did for her little angel.

Our company, unlike others, does not treat its patients like a financial opportunity; our job satisfaction only comes when we know we have made an impact on a person’s precious life.

May 22, 2009

Another Testimonial of What We Do:

A recent patient of Angel Medflight’s was enjoying being a temporary resident in Florida; as many retirees’ do. However, when a stomach infection began and he had a mild heart attack, the patient’s desire was to be back in Connecticut with his primary doctor to receive surgery as well as be at home with his family. Angel Medflight understood that being home with his family was the most important factor for the patient. We made sure the transition home happened quickly and with a constant surveillance of his health. The family also desired an affordable transfer. Please read through the testimonial below as it reflects how Angel Medflight strives to accommodate the unique needs of each patient. As always, Angel Medflight looks forward to the opportunity to providing outstanding medical care and compassion to your family should such a challenging time arise. Please contact 877-264-3570 with any questions.

To Angel Medflight,
On behalf of my father and mother, who you guys flew this morning from Port Charlotte, Florida to New Haven, Connecticut, we would like to take a moment to thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for a great smooth safe ride that you provided for them, helpful and friendly staff on the plane, a waiting ambulance at their destination with friendly drivers, and for helping us all along the way with the administrative work with the hospitals. Because of you guys our dad is home where he wants to be and getting treated from the doctors that he wanted to see and hopefully will recover and be ok again. Your company was invaluable in getting him home and we really really cannot thank you enough. With all of our thanks, his son and daughter,*

M. B. and F.B.
Trumbull, Connecticut

*The identification of the family, medical staff, and pilots have been removed for confidentiality purposes.

**Angel Medflight is an authorized indirect Air Carrier (IAC) utilizing the services of licensed Part 135 air carriers to meet your air ambulance transportation need. Angel Medflight does not own, lease or operate aircraft, and has no affiliation with any direct air carrier. Angel Medflight contracts for the provision of air transportation services in its own name and coordinates the provision of medical services for your flight utilizing its own highly trained medical team.

May 21, 2009

Fun Facts From The Past Month

Just a few fun facts from the past month in the life of Angel Medflight: We have assisted patients in 17 different states of our beautiful country, one other amazing country, and have been to Florida 6 times!

Our medical crew has faced everything from cytopenias, allergies, sensitivities, PVL, mitochondrial diseases, brain damage, pneumonia, broken hip, cardiac bypass, Diabetes, a lobecotomy and many more.

Angel Medflight’s abilities do not have boundaries and we look forward to aiding you and your family during the need for transfer!

May 14, 2009

Recent testimonial and an example of what we do:

Each patient is unique which makes each patient complex. At Angel MedFlight, we adjust and accommodate the patient based on their distinctive needs. This formula guarantees first class service during the air and ground transportation of the patient. We strive to go above and beyond the patient and their family’s expectations of service and comfort.

In late April, Angel Medflight began working with a family whose mother was suffering from Mesothelioma, lung cancer, heart arrhythmia, and respiratory insufficiency. Angel MedFlight understood that the first and foremost important factor for the family was their mothers comfort during the transition. Second to comfort, the family needed affordable transfer. Angel Medflight was able to address both priorities and was successful in accommodating the patient by picking her up at her house and flying her to her destination to be with her loved ones. Please read through the testimonial below as it reflects the goal we strive to achieve with each patient:

Dear Angel MedFlight,
Thanks for your inquiry and for the incredible work that your team performs. Mom’s transfer went extraordinarily well; the Critical Care Medical Crew were true professionals and inspired confidence at every step of the way. The pilot and copilot were also superb, kind, professional and reassuring. I think the only time I had peaceful sleep in the past three weeks was during the flight, when I could see how very well she was cared for. You and your team very much exceeded my considerably high expectations. Angel MedFlight is/was one of the very few things that have gone well on the difficult journey that my mom and our family faces. From the bottom of our hearts, the family sincerely thanks you.

It is often said that folks recount unsatisfactory experiences to others at a much higher rate than they do the good experiences. Let me assure you that I will personally prove this axiom wrong. I have shared my experience with Angel MedFlight with dozens of my colleagues and will continue to get the word out. You and your team are exceptional just when exceptional is what is required. Thank you.*

Rochester, MI

Angel MedFlight looks forward to being able to give outstanding service to your family during their challenging time.

*The identification of the family, medical crew, and pilots have been removed for confidentiality purposes.

May 12, 2009


As part of our Mission Statement and Beliefs to treat every customer, employee, and patient with first class service; and promote health throughout the world; we began our twice a week training workout sessions this morning! Great teambuilding experiences! We can't wait to see what is to come!

May 7, 2009

Angel MedFlight's One Touch Promise

From first contact.. from bed to bed.. on the ground and in the air. Angel MedFlight's One Touch Promise assures you that everything is handled.

Our One Touch Promise means that you will only have to explain your situation one time, because the person who answers your first call to Angel MedFlight remains your shepherd throughout the entire experience.

No frustrations, nothing to impede the expeditious movement of our patient- your family member or friend.

The One Touch Promise is our promise to you, so that you are able to focus solely on your loved one.

May 5, 2009

Angel MedFlight successfully saved a 10-day old newborn! The child was suffering from Respiratory failure and coded twice during our flight to the Dominican Republic for pick up. Angel MedFlight involved the American Consulate to obtain an emergency visa and help gain passage from the Dominican Republic to the US. The child is now safe and healthy in the US!

April 30, 2009

Angel MedFlight transfers patient due to lack of Insurance Carrier's actions

Angel MedFlight is arranging for an air medical transfer out of Vietnam. This patient has experienced a series of horrific events while in this country. While in Vietnam this patient encountered an acute hemorrhagic stroke. After being admitted into the hospital, this patient’s condition continued to worsen without any form of supportive care. The family emailed the staff of Angel MedFlight photos which demonstrated the lack of care, compassion, and technology in this country. The patient was lying comatose next to four other patients, while being cared, and monitored by no advanced life support equipment or staff.

The staff of Angel MedFlight immediately got involved with helping the family obtain the medical care they deserve. Those highly trained personnel of Angel MedFlight contacted the patient’s insurance carrier to assist the patient with getting the appropriate financial assistance they deserve, under their insurance plan. The insurance company referred Angel MedFlight to another highly recognized international third party benefits claim administrator. This organization is commonly utilized by every major health company when the major health insurer has a sick member outside of the United States of America. It is most likely that this third party administrator is acting for your insurance company when you are abroad.

As Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Service operates on an international basis, they have encountered this international plan administrator five times in the last six months. On every encounter with Angel MedFlight, this international health benefits administrator has not acted in a manner that is consistent with those generally accepted standards of health care in the United States. Further, this international health plan administrator has not remained in compliance with those state and federal laws governing their operations. Nearly all five of these patients encountered have been transported without the authorization of this administrator. Every one of these patients made it back to the United States where they received the health care they deserve because of the caring, compassionate, and diligent staff at Angel MedFlight. If Angel MedFlight had not acted for the patient when the phone call was received, the patient’s outcome would have been deleterious, at best. When travelling outside of the United States, ensure you know your international claim for benefits administrator. This information is put forth in your major medical health insurance plan. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the staff at Angel MedFlight.

Angel MedFlight Worldwide Air Ambulance Services
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April 18, 2009

Why is Angel MedFlight so much different?

What we do, so much differently:

By listening to the desires and needs of our case managers / social workers, family members, hospitals, and patients we have formulated an organization that performs services that far surpass any other air ambulance organization or medical transport provider. We have combined nearly all of those complicated procedures that you may have to handle when making the arrangements for any ground ambulance transport or air medical flight, into our standards of service. Our staff is professional experts in making all of those arrangements for you. Beginning with the flight and or ground coordination events, acquiring medical reports for the patient, through obtaining the insurance authorization, actually performing the medical transport, ensuring that your insurance company is performing their required responsibilities after the flight, and any such request you or your family may have, we will walk you through this demanding course of events.
8014 East McClain,
Suite 120
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 - 1329
United States of America
Toll Free: 877 - 264 - 3570
International Dialing: 1 - 480 - 634 - 8017
Fax: 888 - 883 - 9506